Wastewater collection, treatment projects in CA city to receive $1.36M in grants

The city of Holtville, Calif., is receiving a $1.36 million grant for two major wastewater collection and treatment projects.

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, June 20, 2013 -- The city of Holtville, Calif., was given a $1.36 million grant to replace an existing wastewater main with a new 18-inch PVC wastewater main and to expand the city's wastewater collection system with two new 8-inch PVC sewer lines, 23 new residential wastewater connections, and the decommissioning of septic systems in the newly-served area.

The grant funds are being provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) through the Border Environment Infrastructure Fund (BEIF), which is administered by the North American Development Bank (NADB).

The city of Holtville and NADB recently signed the grant agreement for the two projects which together have a total cost of $5.73 million. The projects are also receiving grant and loan funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture-Rural Development (USDA-RD).

When constructed, the projects will reduce the potential for groundwater and surface water contamination from sewage spills and leaks, and will also provide first time sewer service to 23 households, collecting an estimated 8,100 gallons per day (gpd) of wastewater for treatment.

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