Earth Day 2013: American Water combats challenges of climate change on U.S. water system

On Earth Day 2013, American Water sought to raise awareness about the massive challenges that climate change presents on U.S. water systems.

VOORHEES, NJ, April 23, 2013 -- The global theme for Earth Day 2013 was "The Face of Climate Change," and leading up to the April 22 observance, the Earth Day Network sought to raise awareness about the massive challenges that climate change presents, and about people and organizations stepping up to do something about it. American Water (NYSE: AWK), the nation's largest publicly traded water and wastewater utility company, is one of those organizations.

The growing frequency and severity of extreme weather events is threatening the U.S. water system, causing poor water quality and scarcity, putting added strain on an already deteriorating water infrastructure, and jeopardizing reliability. Addressing these impacts is a priority for American Water, whose ongoing maintenance and upgrades are working to build a resilient infrastructure that can withstand major environmental stresses, whether it’s another Hurricane Sandy or widespread, record-breaking heat and drought.

"Delivering the water service our customers expect is our priority. This means identifying and implementing proactive solutions to ensure that communities have access to reliable water service year-round while continuing to be environmentally responsible, reduce our carbon footprint and maintain affordability," said Dr. Mark LeChevallier, Director of Innovation and Environmental Stewardship at American Water.


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