SWEMA to focus on expanding Clean Water Act outreach initiatives

The Stormwater Equipment Manufacturers Association announced that its 2013-2014 focus will be to expand its Clean Water Act outreach initiatives.

ST. PAUL, MN, May 14, 2013 --The board of the Stormwater Equipment Manufacturers Association (SWEMA), an advocate of sustainable and effective solutions for stormwater quality through educational outreach in clean water initiatives, announced that the organization's 2013-2014 focus will be on expanding its outreach to help communities attain the goals of the Clean Water Act.

"SWEMA seeks to provide scientifically-based technical guidance to help governmental officials develop their own protocols," said Gene LaManna of Terre Hill Stormwater Systems, president of SWEMA. "It is also our goal to encourage our members to provide information about best management practices, data from laboratory studies and actual installations plus consultation and advice to any municipality."

Founded in 2008, one recent SWEMA initiative is a Model Maintenance Agreement that can be used by state and local government agencies to enact an ordinance governing the maintenance of all stormwater Best Management Practices; including manufactured treatment devices and non-proprietary land based BMPs. The Model Maintenance Agreement includes templates and checklists for documentation of inspection, maintenance activities, and disposal of captured pollutants.

LaManna commented, "SWEMA will continue to develop documents and research that will assist municipalities in obtaining 'fishable and swimmable waters.' We will continue to provide scientifically supported advice to the stormwater industry."

Formed in 2008, SWEMA is comprised of industry experts who volunteer their time to develop educational programs, standards, guidelines and best management practices for stormwater treatment and management.


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