New Mexico and Kentucky select AMS to implement regulatory data management systems

American Management Systems today announced that the New Mexico Environment Department and the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection selected AMS's regulatory data management system.

FAIRFAX, Va., March 29, 2001 — American Management Systems today announced that the New Mexico Environment Department and the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection have joined agencies in five other states in selecting AMS's Tools for Environmental Management and Protection Organizations (TEMPO)™ product for their regulatory data management system.

TEMPO is AMS's market-leading solution for integrating and managing regulatory data. Developed in cooperation with partners in several states — New Jersey, Minnesota, Louisiana and Mississippi — TEMPO data management provides the framework to make agencies more effective in planning and executing their regulatory programs.

TEMPO is the only permitting, compliance and enforcement solution in the marketplace today that has been successfully customized to meet the unique needs of multiple states.

Gary Labovich, Vice President of AMS's Environmental and Health Systems Group comments, "While similar products exist, our clients have found them insufficient to meet their regulatory management needs." TEMPO is the byproduct of thousands of hours of effort by hundreds of environmental and regulatory professionals, dozens of IT specialists and members of the regulated community. "By capitalizing on the $30 million dollars already invested in TEMPO, states can acquire a fully integrated, customizable data management system for a fraction of the cost and risk associated with developing a similar solution from scratch," says Mr. Labovich.

Renee Martinez, Chief Information Officer for the New Mexico Environment Department adds, "After extensive research of existing solutions, we found that TEMPO was the only product that possessed sufficient functionality and flexibility to meet our needs. When we evaluated the market, AMS did the best job in providing a system that considered program and user needs versus simply data needs."

Melanie Morris, Information Systems Manager for the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality's Office of Pollution Control comments, "Our approach was not to reinvent the wheel. We are building upon the successes of other states, such as Minnesota, New Jersey, and Louisiana, to meet Mississippi's specific needs. We have found this to be a cost-effective way to implement successful environmental information management."

The First Annual TEMPO User's Group Convenes Today in New Orleans

Kentucky and New Mexico are joining TEMPO clients from New Jersey, Louisiana and Mississippi, as well as several prospective users, for the first meeting of the TEMPO User Group today in New Orleans.

The TEMPO User Group will provide substantial value to users. It will be a mechanism for users to provide input into the future direction of the product and will provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and best practices. Finally, it will facilitate state cooperation in the design and funding of enhancements to the software, resulting in substantial future cost savings for all participants.

TEMPO has recently been enhanced to provide web-based permitting and interactive mapping. These features are in production in New Jersey, and will also be implemented for other TEMPO states.

Other TEMPO initiatives include implementing the product to support regulatory management for non-environmental regulatory agencies. While TEMPO's current client base consists of environmental agencies, its capabilities are sufficiently flexible to accommodate any regulatory program that involves issuing permits, licenses, certifications and registrations; conducting inspections and other compliance activities; and conducting enforcement activities.

About AMS

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SOURCE: American Management Systems

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