EPA verification program confirms USFilter Silverback™ system's environmental benefits

The EPA verification program demonstrates U.S.Filter's SILVERBACK™ Model 900 environmental benefits.

WARRENDALE, Pa., Jan. 30, 2001 — United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) verification program demonstrates U.S.Filter's SILVERBACK™ Model 900 environmental benefits.

As part of the EPA.'s Environmental Verification Program® (ETV), the USFilter SILVERBACK™ Model 900 was tested and its benefits proven, under actual production conditions on an alkaline cleaner at Gates Rubber Company in Versailles, Mo.

Alkaline cleaning is performed on metal parts at different times during the manufacturing process to remove oils, coolants and other metalworking fluids prior to electroplating. The verification process evaluated the ability of the SILVERBACK unit to remove oils and recover the alkaline cleaning chemistry.

The test results show the SILVERBACK Model 900 provides an environmental benefit by extending the bath life of the alkaline cleaner, reducing the amount of liquid and solid wastes produced by the cleaning operation. Low operating costs and maintenance labor result in a payback period of approximately 1.3 years.

The EPA has created the ETV program to encourage the use of innovative or improved environmental technologies through performance verification and information distribution. The goal of the program is to further environmental protection by substantially accelerating the acceptance and use of improved, cost-effective technologies. ETV seeks to achieve this goal by providing high-quality, peer-reviewed data on technology performance to those involved in the design, distribution, financing, permitting, purchase, and use of environmental technologies.

For a copy of the ETV Verification Statement on the SILVERBACK Model 900 or additional SILVERBACK product information, please contact David Hill at 800.527.0433, ext: 313. Additional information on the EPA's ETV Program can be found at www.epa.gov/etv and the SILVERBACK verification statement can be viewed at www.epa.gov/etv/10/silverback_vs.pdf.

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