LA County Sanitation Districts announces industrial waste awards

More than 380 companies were presented with Year 2000 Certificates of Recognition by the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County for being 'good corporate citizens.'

WHITTIER, Calif., Sept. 12, 2001 — More than 380 companies were presented with Year 2000 Certificates of Recognition by the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County for being "good corporate citizens."

These companies were in consistent compliance with all their industrial wastewater discharge requirements for the entire year 2000. They met their limits for wastewater discharge, were free from any notices of violation, maintained all their environmental equipment, and fulfilled their permit requirements.

The Sanitation Districts' Boards of Directors were briefed today of this recognition at their Board meeting in Whittier. The Boards are made up of the presiding elected officials (mayors and county supervisors) of the local jurisdictions located in each District.

"As far as we're concerned, these are our model corporate citizens," noted James Stahl, chief engineer and general manager of the Sanitation Districts. "We appreciate their effort because it makes our job of running a huge wastewater collection and treatment system so much easier."

Paul Martyn, head of the Sanitation Districts' Industrial Waste Section, added that the records of these facilities were carefully checked, and they are all being recognized for their proven conscientious effort.

"It's appropriate to recognize companies which have devoted time and money to achieve full compliance," noted Martyn. "You always hear about the bad guys, and we wanted to do our part so that you hear about the good guys."

The idea for the Certificate of Recognition originated with the Sanitation Districts' Industry Advisory Council, an advisory group of 15 representatives from different industrial sectors. The Council and the Districts felt that it was time that industries with good compliance records be recognized. The Recognition Program is now in its fifth year.

"We hope this will become an award that is sought after by industry and recognized by the public," said Sam Bell, vice president of Metal Surfaces Inc. of Bell Gardens and chair of the Council. "It provides further incentive for companies to meet Districts' limits and regulations. The Sanitation Districts have always worked closely with industry, and recognizing industry for conscientious compliance is a further step to encourage companies to comply with regulations and protect the environment."

Industries were pleased to receive Certificates of Recognition. Anthony Scarpellino Jr. of VACCO Industries of South El Monte wrote, "... On behalf of the people at VACCO that work hard to make compliance the standard mode of operation, I thank you."

"The Districts hope that this Recognition Program will further strengthen the relationship of government and industry working together for a better environment and a sustaining economy," added Stahl.

The Sanitation Districts provides wastewater collection and treatment services to more than 5 million people in 78 cities and the unincorporated areas in Los Angeles County. The agency operates 1,200 miles of trunk sewers and 11 wastewater treatment plants, treating more than half a billion gallons of wastewater a day. The agency also manages municipal solid wastes.

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