The Keith Companies retools to handle rise of major stormwater quality projects

Consulting company Keith Companies is revamping its expertise to meet a rise in stormwater quality orders.

COSTA MESA, Calif., Sept. 11, 2001 — The Keith Companies Inc. today said it has retooled its staff expertise to meet rising demand for major stormwater projects.

Stormwater quality projects require specific expertise in state, city, county and federal stormwater quality standards, and in order to comply with the Federal Clean Water Act, state and local governments have implemented regulations to enforce federal stormwater quality standards at local levels.

To handle the increased demand created by the needs of its customers to comply with these regulatory requirements, the Company is training a number of water quality specialists within its staff, as well as hiring additional professionals.

Chairman and CEO Aram Keith commented, "The Keith Companies constantly strives to meet the current and anticipated needs of our clients, and a tangible and rapidly growing need is expertise in water quality. Increasing our proficiency in this area is another way we can expand the services we provide our customers. With specialists and skilled teams in 5 of our 15 divisions and growing, we continue to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the industry.

"As regulations become more stringent, builders, developers, cities, and counties are becoming more dependent on our stormwater quality experts," Keith added. "The regulations are complex and require engineering specialists to creatively plan cost-effective solutions for projects to conform to federal and local government regulations. We believe that more and more agencies and customers will look to The Keith Companies' stormwater quality experts for solutions."

Several recent and major projects have required the expertise of the Company's stormwater quality specialists. These projects include the Lake Mathews Watershed Water Quality and Drainage Management Plan; the City of Seal Beach Stormwater Quality Master Plan; and the Sierra Lakes Integrated Stormwater, Water Quality and Water Conservation Management Plan.

The Keith Companies' stormwater quality experts specialize in the support of watershed planning; water quality assessment, planning and design; stormwater quality master plans; Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP), Water Quality Management Plans (WQMP), and Best Management Practices (BMP) implementation. This specialization by TKC provides it with unique expertise in water quality management, preparing the company for the ever-tightening, environment-improving regulatory process.

About The Keith Companies

The Keith Companies, Inc. is a fully integrated, multi-disciplined engineering and consulting services company. The Keith Companies employs approximately 650 professionals and has 15 divisions in 13 offices located throughout the western United States.

The Keith Companies' professionals provide a wide spectrum of skilled resources including land planning, engineering, surveying, mapping, environmental, water and cultural resources, and industrial services that are needed to effectively plan, engineer, and design state-of-the-art facilities.

The Keith Companies benefits from a diverse public and private client base varying from residential, commercial, and real estate projects to institutional, manufacturing, and processing facilities. For more information visit the Company's website at

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