Fact sheet details low-pressure dosing for treating sewage

A fact sheet titled 'On-Site Wastewater Treatment Systems: Low-Pressure Dosing' is now available from the National Small Flows Clearinghouse (NSFC).

MORGANTOWN, WV- A fact sheet titled "On-Site Wastewater Treatment Systems: Low-Pressure Dosing" is now available from the National Small Flows Clearinghouse (NSFC).

Written by Bruce Lesikar with the Texas A&M University Agricultural Extension Service, this fact sheet details the characteristics, advantages, disadvantages, maintenance, and costs of a low-pressure dosing system for residential domestic use.

An illustration of low-pressure dosing system components is included, as well as a graphic depiction of how the system distributes wastewater into the soil several times a day.

This two-page fact sheet may be useful to local, state, and public health officials; contractors/developers; and the general public.

The cost for this fact sheet is $1 plus shipping charges. To order, call the NSFC at (800) 624-8301 or (304) 293-4191, and request Item #WWFSGN133. You also may send e-mail to nsfc_orders@mail.nesc.wvu.edu.

Funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the NSFC helps small communities find affordable sewage treatment options to protect public health and the environment. Located at West Virginia University, the NSFC is a nonprofit organization established in 1979 under an amendment to the 1977 Clean Water Act.

Since that time, the NSFC has become a respected national source of information about "small flows" technologies-those systems that have fewer than one million gallons of wastewater flowing through them each day, ranging from individual septic systems to small sewage treatment plants.

Anyone who works with small communities to help solve wastewater treatment problems can benefit from the NSFC's services, which include more than 450 free and low-cost educational products, a toll-free technical assistance hotline, five computer databases, two free publications, and an online discussion group. For more information, visit NSFC's Web site at http://www.nsfc.wvu.edu.

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