Technology to improve water conservation in second-largest Saudi Arabia city

Saudi Arabia's National Water Company plans to install new meters and communication modules from Itron to help Jeddah better conserve water resources.

LIBERTY LAKE, WA, April 3, 2014 -- Saudi Arabia's National Water Company (NWC) plans to install new meters and communication modules from Itron, Inc. (NASDAQ: ITRI) to help the city of Jeddah better conserve water resources. Further, the technology will enable NWC to measure water consumption more accurately, helping the utility and its customers better utilize the country's scarce water resources.

Jeddah is an important commercial hub in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a population of over 5 million inhabitants. Most water in the city comes from expensive desalination plants. Itron's metering technology, including 141,000 residential and commercial and industrial water meters equipped with wireless communication modules, will enable NWC to track and use water resources more efficiently. The single-jet technology used in Itron water meters is built to operate in harsh conditions, including high temperature and loaded water, that are often found in Saudi Arabia.

Itron is supplying customized wireless communication modules specially designed for high temperature climates. The communication modules can be read remotely through heavy protective metal covers that encase water meters in the city, reducing time spent locating and reading meters. The contract duration covers a two-year period, after which the majority of water meters in Jeddah will be ready for AMI integration. Installation of the water meters is underway.

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