Japan provides 52 million yen emergency aid for Indonesian disaster victims

Indonesian assistance includes 20 emergency water purification systems, 20 water tanks and 300 5-gallon containers for one of the hardest hit provinces. World governments pledge over $90 million toward regionwide relief effort that likely will surpass any humanitarian disaster response to date. [NOTE: To contribute to relief efforts, see list of organizations at bottom of article]...

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Dec. 28, 2004 (PRNewswire) -- With the total death toll from several countries affected rising past 60,000, the Japanese government has decided to provide 39 million yen (US$370,000) to the Indonesian government in connection with the earthquake and tsunami that struck Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam province on Sunday morning, Dec. 26.

Japan has pledged $30 million total toward the relief effort, a figure matched by the European Union. The United States, meanwhile, raised its pledge to $35 million, Saudi Arabia pledged $10 million, Australia pledged $8 million, Canada pledged $4 million and China pledged $2.6 million. In addition, Amazon.com reportedly received $1,300 a minute toward relief efforts after it posted a request for donations to its popular website. Disaster experts predicted the effort would surpass any humanitarian response to date.

The Japanese embassy in Jakarta in a press release Monday said the relief assistance worth 26 million yen consisting of 100 power generators, 28 field nets, 3,000 blankets, 300 mattresses, 20 water purification apparatuses, 20 water tanks, and 300 jerrycans.

In the meantime, another relief aid of 13 million yen (about US$12,000) provided through the Japanese non-governmental organization "Peace Winds Japan" was given in the form of drinking water, food, frying oil and other such daily needs.

In addition, the Japanese government has also decided to send a two-member coordination team to ensure that the aid reaches the right recipients and consider further assistance.

The Japanese government decided to give the assistance on the basis of humanitarian considerations, especially the close relationship between Japan and Indonesia.

The press release also said that the Japanese government has given relief aid to Indonesia on three different occasions, namely 36.80 million yen (about US$350,000) for victims of a killer earthquake which struck Alor regency in East Nusa Tenggara province, and twice for quake victims in Nabire regency, Papua province.

In the meantime, the Australian government has agreed on a budget allocation of A$10 million [A$1 = US$0.779] for emergency aid operations in the countries struck by the tsunami.

The lion's share of the relief assistance is expected to be disbursed through international aid institutes like the Red Cross and United Nations humanitarian institutions and agencies, a press release issued by Foreign Minister Alexander Downer Antara has received from the Australian embassy on Monday.

Australia is now still collecting information on the damage and urgent needs of the disaster-stricken areas.

The press release also said that Australia is still considering all possible alternative assistance, including direct assistance by emergency supplies.

Disaster Relief Organizations
If you would care to assist in the humanitarian response to the disaster, feel free to contact the following organizations:
-- United Nations ReliefWeb: www.reliefweb.int
-- UNICEF: www.unicefusa.org or 1-800-4UNICEF (86-4233)
-- American Red Cross: www.redcross.org or 1-800-HELP-NOW (435-7669)
-- Americares: www.americares.org or call AmeriCares directly at 1-800-486-HELP (4357)
-- Oxfam: www.oxfamamerica.org or 1-800-77-OXFAM (69326)
-- Save the Children: www.savethechildren.org or 1-800-728-3843

For a more comprehensive list, see the MSNBC website at: Asia's Deadly Tsunami

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