City of Annapolis invests in clean water with GreenVest

GreenVest to assess, evaluate and implement stormwater management (SWM) projects in the City of Annapolis to address the area's clean water initiatives.

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GreenVest to assess, evaluate and implement stormwater management projects in the City of Annapolis.

ANNAPOLIS, MD, DEC 6, 2018 -- GreenVest was recently awarded a 20-year contract with the City of Annapolis. The goal of this project is to efficiently and effectively assess, evaluate and implement stormwater management (SWM) projects that follow all requirements of Maryland's MS4 compliance program. The contract will also address EPA mandated Chesapeake Bay clean water initiatives.

The scope of work covers tasks that are on schedule to be completed initially during the City's 2019 fiscal year. This includes analysis of data regarding existing SWM Best Management Practices (BMPs) provided by the City of Annapolis or others, associated due diligence where findings will be compiled into a programmatic framework including a project priority matrix designed to help the city most effectively and cost efficiently stream stormwater and meet their MS4 Permit obligations. This will be followed by implementation of the MS4 compliance program framework including the identification and implementation of priority projects within the 4,000+ acres of the City's domain.

A key component to operating the program successfully is reviewing, updating and managing the City's GIS based MS4 database. Another priority is completing feasibility assessments, constructing and maintaining/monitoring a suite of priority projects identified by the City and GreenVest including Timber Creek and Truxtun Heights, which will be the two initial projects to be assessed. A third priority is identifying, evaluating, and maintaining the universe of installed Stormwater Management (SWM) practices throughout the City of Annapolis.

The team assembled by GreenVest to assist in carrying out the contract includes BioHabitats, Environmental Quality Resources (EQR), South River Federation, and Princeton Hydro.

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