Actaris Metering Systems has introduced Flostar, a single jet meter designed specifically for the measurement challenges facing North American water utilities.

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Single jet meter

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Actaris Metering Systems has introduced Flostar, a single jet meter designed specifically for the measurement challenges facing North American water utilities. Designed to meet the AWWA C712-02 standard, the meter incorporates the latest developments in single jet metering technology. The patented design uses a hydrodynamically balanced turbine and ball bearing pivot to provide improved low flow capability and endurance.

Actaris Metering Systems
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Radio read upgrade

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Sensus Metering Systems has topped the half-million-unit milestone in shipping one of its newest products, TouchCoupler, since introducing it to the market last spring. The technology enables utilities using two-wire TouchRead applications to upgrade to Radio Frequency (RF) technology.

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AMR system

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The Mars Co. now offers an introductory Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) package that includes 50 radios, one drive-by receiver, one programmer and one route system software package. And, the company will build a trial route from the utility’s data free of charge. The radios and receivers includes the latest generation of AMR technology and are compatible with all meters on the market including pulse meters.

Mars Co.
Ocala, FL
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AMR products

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Advancing technologies, such as the new 60W Water Endpoint and the Itron Mobile Field Collector, are making it easier and more cost-effective for water providers to enjoy the benefits of automated meter reading (AMR) solutions. The 60W endpoint is compact and requires no field programming. It is suited for meter pits, even in the harshest environments.

Itron Inc.
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Mobile AMR

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The TRACE Virtual Real Time mobile AMR solution, available from AMCO Automated Systems, is capable of delivering a month of daily readings on any reading day. For occupant changes, readers can take three readings to cover move-out, move-in and the billing read, allowing the utility to avoid two off-cycle service trips to read meters. Additional benefits include tamper/theft notification and more.

AMCO Automated Systems
Raleigh, NC
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Water meter endpoint

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The W6000 series Cellnet Water Endpoint (CWE) is a compact, battery-powered AMR device designed to collect meter-usage data from encoders and pulse-counting water meters/registers. The endpoint uses the company’s RF technology and protocol to transmit data over the Cellnet fixed network, in the unlicensed 902-928 MHz band, using direct sequence spread spectrum technology.

Alpharetta, GA
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Single-jet meters

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The Spectrum Single-Jet Meter from Metron Farnier is the widest range single measuring element meter available to US utilities. The meters have been designed to replace compound type and turbine type meters for commercial services. The meters feature a 1000:1 turndown ratio and superior low flow registration.

Metron Farnier Inc.
Boulder, CO
Tel: 800-763-8766

Fixed network AMR

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The Hexagram Star Fixed Network AMR System provides fully automatic meter reading. The use of licensed radio channels ensures reliable performance throughout the life of the system. The system provides two or more daily readings from every meter within the system. The system software facilitates proactive customer service. Customer Service staff can access meter readings for any given day. Customer profiles exist for every meter within the system. The Star system enables water conservation and provides leak detection notification.

Hexagram Inc.
Cleveland, OH
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AMR system

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Neptune has combined the R900® radio frequency meter interface unit (RF MIU) with its solid-state absolute E-CoderTM into an integrated package called the E-Coder)R900i.The new package is a significant addition to Neptune’s ARB® Utility Management SystemsTM. The design goal of the new package was to offer customers a single wireless automated meter reading solution that provides accurate readings, leak and backflow detection, and easy installation. Its value-added data optimizes AMR system performance while the wire-free design reduces installation time and minimizes material and labor costs.

Neptune Technology Group Inc.
Tallassee, AL
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Meter products, services

Elster Metering’s products and services include metering, meter reading and project management. Solutions extend from utility revenue metering, to cost allocation, network monitoring, distribution, industrial and sub-metering applications. The company offers a complete range of residential meters.

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