Neptune’s E-Coder)R900iTM combines the company’s R900® radio frequency MIU with its solid-state absolute E-CoderTM in an AMR device that is a foundation component of the ARB® Utility Management SystemsTM.

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AMR management

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Neptune’s E-Coder)R900iTM combines the company’s R900® radio frequency MIU with its solid-state absolute E-CoderTM in an AMR device that is a foundation component of the ARB® Utility Management SystemsTM. For those managing municipal water facilities, the E-Coder)R900i optimizes performance with accurate readings and leak and reverse flow detection. It also enhances customer service, supports water conservation initiatives, and provides tamper and system security management. The wire-free design reduces installation time and minimizes material and labor costs.

Neptune Technology Group
Tel: 800-633-8754

Meter interface unit

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The new Meter-Master Model 80 Encoder Interface Unit attaches to an encoder register and provides pulse, 4-20mA, and AMR outputs. The unit is attached both to the 3-wire encoder register output and, if desired, to a touchpad. It optimizes digital and analog data accuracy by getting its information directly from the register. One Model 80 can provide up to two separate 4-20 mA outputs, a pulse output, and the current meter reading to a touchpad or touchcoupler when requested to do so by an AMR technology. To the touch solution, the MIU responds just like a register.

F.S. Brainard & Co.
Burlington, NJ
Tel: 888-388-3569

AMR system

Itron has announced the commercial availability of Mobile Collector Lite (MCLite) running MV-RS v7.8 software, a flexible solution to water utilities interested in capitalizing on the value attained in a drive-by data collection system. The portable drive-by AMR tool uses the Itron FC200 handheld computer with an external radio to gather consumption and tamper data from ERT-equipped electricity, gas and water meters. A single MCLite can read up to 10,000 meters on a single route. Meter readers can collect reads while driving at normal city driving speeds, or they can remove the handheld computer from the in-vehicle dock to collect manual meter reads and probes. MV-RS v7.8 is the PC-based meter reading software solution for data collection and route management for Itron handheld computers, mobile collection systems, optical and touch probes.

Itron Inc.
Liberty Lake, WA

AMR network

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Transparent Technologies offers an automatic meter reading system that allows utilities to start with a drive-by system initially and later migrate to a two-way wireless broadband network using the company’s NexusNet. The system allows customers and the utility to remotely read meters, get account status details and retrieve account datalogging charts. The system, compatible with most meters on the market today, can provide irrigation violation monitoring and leak detection, plus monitor for backflow, register failure, low battery strength, tampering and zero use by customers. It allows remote/on-line reconfiguration of all system parameters with the push of a button.

Transparent Technologies
Boulder, CO
Tel: 720-406-1294

Battery life indicator

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Tadiran Batteries has introduced an improved version of its PulsesPlusTM battery that allows for an indication at end-of-life, allowing end users to maximize the service life of the battery. In some cases, batteries are replaced prematurely based on estimates of remaining battery life. Tadiran offers a 3.6v system with a 5% end-of-life indication (when the battery uses up 95% of its capacity, a remote indicator can advise the end users that 5% of operating life remains.)

Tadiran U.S. Battery Div.
Port Washington, NY
Tel: 800-537-1368

Fixed network AMR

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FlexNet is a flexible RF fixed network meter reading system designed to increase meter reading efficiency, reduce overhead costs, and enhance customer service in both urban and rural areas. The system, available from Sensus, operates using a Primary-Use FCC license, which guarantees an uncluttered, clear path for transmissions. The license, in conjunction with the two-watts of power, helps to minimize utility infrastructure requirements, while also providing a solid foundation for growth as utilities expand meter deployments.

Sensus Metering Systems
Pittsburgh, PA
Tel: 724-439-7850

Water meters

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SmartMeterTM water meters from Severn Trent Services address the global need for economic smart metering technology. With no moving parts, the meter is not affected by the wear and subsequent accuracy problems that are caused by grit and particulates, thereby ensuring accurate measurement of water flows throughout the entire product lifetime. The meters are available as visual read meters or in a fully AMR-enabled format using inductive pads, radio communications device or any form of automatic meter reading technology.

Severn Trent Services
Fort Washington, PA
Tel: 866-646-9201

Fixed network AMI

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Elster Amoco Water’s new evolution AMI provides water utilities with a fully automated advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system with functionality superior to traditional AMR. The system employs a combination of ultra low power consumption and mesh network capabilities that delivers intelligent two-way communications, extended radio coverage, non-mandatory line-of-site operation, and secure transmissions using frequency-hopping spread spectrum.

Elster AMCO Water Inc.
Ocala, FL
Tel: 800-874-0890

Automatic meter reading

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The Hersey® Hot RodTM mobile meter reading system provides utilities with benefits beyond those normally associated with mobile AMR. EZ MobileTM software displays events from every meter interface unit indicating physical location and read status including occurrence of small and large leaks, backflow, no flow, and tamper indications relative to each account. Time elapsed since the origin of the event is displayed on screen to facilitate visual confirmation of potential problems by the meter reader while in close proximity to the account or in report format which can be used to create work orders at a later date, eliminating the need for costly preliminary site visits.

Hersey® Meters
Cleveland, NC
Tel: 800-323-8584

Fixed network AMR

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The KP Electronics Mega-Net Fixed Network AMR system uses long-range end points (tens of miles), so it does not require an extensive network of data collectors and antennas. The long-range nature of the system makes it ideal for utilities that wish to implement a fixed network AMR system. Even if starting with a limited budget, the inexpensive infrastructure provides city wide coverage. The end points are compatible with all the different brands of water meters, giving the utility the freedom to choose any meter, and read it with a wireless fixed network.

KP Electronics Inc.
North Wales, PA
Tel: 888-542-7460

AMR system

Datamatic has introduced MosaicTM, the first AMR system supporting a migration path through walk-by, mobile and true mesh network collection methods using the same endpoint, a Mosaic-class Firefly. Although most utilities will move quickly to full mesh network functionality, the system can operate indefinitely using any mixture of collection methods. Each endpoint functions as both a meter interface unit and a repeater.

Datamatic Ltd.
Plano, TX
Tel: 800-880-2878

Single jet meter

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Flostar is a single jet meter with a range of efficient measurement that exceeds traditional positive displacement meters. The meter’s high precision jet design ensures that it meets accuracy standards and capacity requirements. The patented measuring principal increases meter endurance and reliability at high and peak flows. Actaris, an Itron company, offers the meter in a complete range from ½" to 6".

Actaris, an Itron Co.
Tel: 864-223-1212

AMR systems

Master Meter is an AMR technology innovator and principal water meter manufacturer delivering technology-driven meter revenue solutions to the North American utility marketplace. Its ConnectionFreeTM wireless 3G® AMR technology is deployed across water, gas and electric utility platforms. Measurement solutions include CFD-technology-derived positive displacement, multi-jet, turbine and compound products that are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations.

Master Meter Inc.
Mansfield, TX
Tel: 800-765-6518

Vortex shedding flowmeters

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Universal Flow Monitors offers CoolpointTM vortex shedding flowmeters for measuring and monitoring municipal water and wastewater flows, including applications requiring addition of chemicals to drinking water. The meters are offered in pipe sizes ranging from ¼" to 4", providing 4-20 mA transmitter flow rates ranging from .4 (four-tenths) gallon per minute to 600 gpm.

Universal Flow Monitors Inc.
Hazel Park, MI
Tel: 248-542-9635

Flow monitoring

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With an advanced low power microprocessor design, the new digital FlowComTM Register from McCrometer provides simultaneous flow rate and volumetric totalized flow data for the company’s Mc® Propeller Series Flow Meter in a wide range of water monitoring applications. Designed to replace electro-mechanical counters, the FlowCom Model FC100 features an easy-to-read two-line display. The five-digit top line of the display indicates flow rate and the eight digit bottom line of the display provides volumetric flow data.

Hemet, CA
Tel: 800-220-2279

Vortex flow meter

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New to the Racine vortex line is the RVL series liquid flow meter. The new meter has no gaskets or elastomers so the only compatibility concern is the thermoplastic material used for the body construction. The RVL has no moving parts, and the meter provides a repeatable ±1% full-scale accurate measurement without fluid contamination. The meter is available in PVDF, Polypropylene, PVC and CPVC, to suit a variety of fluids and process systems.

Racine Federated Inc.
Racine, WI
Tel: 888-572-2463

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