Mega-Net: Simple design, Powerful Performance

Unlike other fixed networks, KP’s Mega-Net offers simplicity of design, zero running costs and complete independence to utilities, creating a powerful AMR system.

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Unlike other fixed networks, KP’s Mega-Net offers simplicity of design, zero running costs and complete independence to utilities, creating a powerful AMR system.


In 1987, KP introduced a revolutionary long-range radio transmitter (tens of miles) to the alarm industry. The KP radio is connected to alarm systems in residencies and businesses, and sends alarm signals over a radio frequency from the protected sites to a control center. Over the past 20 years KP has installed more than one million alarm transmitters and thousands of fixed networks throughout the world. Based on the expertise and experience gained in two decades of work in the demanding alarm industry, KP developed a platform that allows remote collection of reads from water meters and various sensors.

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The KP fixed network differs in many aspects from other fixed networks in the market. One of the main goals of KP’s design team was to provide a simple and cost effective solution for remote meter reading, while creating a powerful tool for the utility. When evaluating the Mega-Net system, you will not hear terms like “Spread Spectrum frequency hopping”, “mesh network topology” and “future migration path”. Everyone can understand how the Mega-Net system works, as there is no need to intentionally confuse you and hide behind complicated terms.

Mega-Net has three basic components:

Meter Transmission Unit (MTU)- long-range transmitter (typical range of at least 5 miles) that can read any digital or encoder type meter.

Repeater - professional “store and forward” repeater, collects readings from MTUs, checks signal levels, and forwards the reading and signal information both to the installer and main office.

Base Station - receives signals from the MTUs directly and/or from repeaters, records and displays data on the management software.

Mega-Net Advantages

Long-Range - Thanks to the very long-range of the KP transmitters, only a few repeaters are required to cover large geographical areas. This eliminates the need for numerous Data Collectors and their related expenses.

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Non-restricted meter selection - KP’s MTU can read any type of Encoder or Digital register, giving the utility the ability to choose the meter of its preference. This allows for a mixed system (meters from various manufacturers) and the option to change the meter vendor.

FCC licensed operation - Operation on a secure FCC license assures interference-free frequency and reliable uninterrupted communication. Non-licensed systems often experience interference from numerous devices which do not require license, such as wireless phones, garage door openers, etc.

No monthly fees - The Mega-Net system has zero running costs. No expensive tower leases or pole rental fees, no cell phone or internet charges, and, of course, no vehicle or insurance costs inherent to obsolete drive-by systems.

Improved customer support- Customer support personnel can now easily pull up real-time data and e-mail any customer a graph showing the account usage history. This allows for easier and faster billing dispute resolution.

Simple design - powerful performance - Unlike other systems, the Mega-Net system is very simple and user friendly. A few hours of training and any operator can learn how to use the software and make use of its powerful features.

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