AMR/AMI data management to be improved with new partnership

A new partnership between Neptune Technology Group Inc. and IDModeling, Inc. has sought to improve AMR/AMI data management among utilities.

TALLASSEE, ALABAMA, June 4, 2013 -- A new partnership between Neptune Technology Group Inc. and IDModeling, Inc. has sought to improve AMR/AMI data management among water and wastewater utilities by congregating the data into a comprehensive system that provides breakthrough functionality for monitoring, analysis, automation, and field mobility to serve critical utility functions.

Called "Connected Utility," the partnership program was created to meet the growing needs of water utilities to operate an Advanced Sensor Infrastructure™ (ASI) and smart utility network with shared, analyzed data across utility applications. The goals of the program are to communicate more than just meter reads across departments and focus on leveraging Neptune's systems and ID Modeling's software, Sedaru, to manage the data and provide analytics.

"Sedaru is the software that connects water utilities to relevant, actionable information," stated Paul Hauffen, CEO of IDModeling. "Sedaru's ability to access and analyze data from Neptune's R900® or R450 System creates a real-time, operational tool for the organization to drive water operations, streamline field maintenance workflows, and minimize customer response time."

"Our customers realize the value of their investments in Neptune R900 and R450 through the information that these systems can provide beyond meter reading. The addition of IDModeling's Sedaru software makes that information even more accessible and meaningful as it's shared across various utility departments and enhances communication between the office and the field," Chuck DiLaura, President of Neptune added.

Sedaru leverages the capabilities of Neptune's R900 or R450 Systems to provide data beyond meter reading and Neptune's N_SIGHT™ IQ™ for data analytics. Communications with field personnel are enhanced, eliminating wasted trips and accelerating service turnarounds. Operational and capital planning decisions are supported as detailed, real-time water consumption and exception reporting influence operational decisions to extend the utility infrastructure investment, optimize energy and water quality impacts, and improve customer service.

For more information, please visit the Neptune booth #12001 at AWWA's Annual Conference and Exhibition (ACE) from June 9 through 12. Updates will also be available through the websites of each company. For Neptune see and for IDModeling’s Sedaru, please visit

About Neptune

Neptune Technology Group Inc.isa pioneer in the development of automatic meter reading (AMR) and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) technologies for more than 47 years. Since 1892 Neptune has continually focused on the evolving needs of utilities – revenue optimization, operational efficiencies, and improved customer service. The company offers a fully integrated migration path for its utility customers to meet their needs now and in the future. For additional information, please visit the company website at

About IDModeling

IDModeling is a team of water industry veterans creating tools for water/wastewater utilities to share, analyze, and interact with information in new and inspiring ways. The company delivers its flagship software, Sedarū and Sedarū Mobile to connect water industry professionals and empower people as the smart water network. The Sedarū platform is the one location where people and data communicate, anticipate water operations, and solve problems. The company was founded in 2004 to provide hydraulic modeling and consulting leadership to utilities across North America. IDModeling believes that we can be more, together™.


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