Itron to deploy wireless fixed network system in Moldova

Itron will provide more than 11,000 advanced residential water meters equipped with communication modules, as well as the fixed network infrastructure, to support customers in Floresti, Moldova...

LIBERTY LAKE, WA, Aug. 9, 2012 -- Itron Inc. (NASDAQ: ITRI) has been awarded a contract for more than 11,000 advanced residential water meters equipped with communication modules, as well as the fixed network infrastructure to support customers in Floresti, Moldova. Servicii Comunale Floresti, the water utility servicing several municipalities, will deploy Itron technology over the course of six months beginning later this year.

"As part of our water distribution network modernization project, mainly financed by the World Bank and European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, we decided to select Itron to implement high-end metering technologies and the EverBlu advanced data collection system," said Sergiu Rusu, director of Servicii Comunale Floresti. "Itron's wireless solution is ideally suited to our needs for collecting data from hard-to-read meters in urban and semi-rural areas."

Itron's trusted water meters will replace aging meters and will be installed on new subscribers' homes throughout the city. Consumption data will be transmitted through the fixed network. The automation of the entire meter reading process will greatly reduce operational costs and improve efficiency.

"This contract with Servicii Comunale Floresti demonstrates the benefits of Itron's systems in emerging, high-potential countries like Moldova," said Karim Bennini, regional manager for Itron's water division. "We look forward to helping build water infrastructure in other countries in Eastern Europe so that this precious resource can be better managed and conserved."

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