Ann Arbor, Cambridge to use Hexagram's fixed-network AMR system

Hexagram Inc. announced that Ann Arbor, Mich., and Cambridge, Mass., have purchased its STAR® Fixed-Network AMR System to manage meter reads of over 40,000 water meters previously read manually...

CLEVELAND, OH, Sept. 20, 2004 -- Hexagram Inc. announced that Ann Arbor, Mich., has purchased Hexagram's STAR® Fixed-Network AMR System to manage meter reads of over 27,000 water meters city-wide, which were previously read manually.

In addition, the City of Cambridge, acting through its Water Department (CWD), chose the system to automate its water meter reading system as well as to support and facilitate its billing system. The STAR AMR System, which will be fully operational in the Fall of 2005, will read over 15,000 meters city-wide.

Ann Arbor wanted to improve the accuracy of meter reads and determined that a fixed-network far surpassed all other methods. "Because the city is a college town (home to the University of Michigan), we experience a very high rate of out-of-cycle reads due to frequent turn-on/ turn-offs. This system will drastically reduce the amount of process time currently at hand," said Mark Taylor, the city's customer service manager. "We have recently changed to a tiered rate structure and the STAR System will be used to better allocate capacity expense with its ability to read in hourly increments," Mr. Taylor continued.

Hexagram president Rick Riccardi said, "We are pleased that these cities have selected the STAR Fixed-Network System. Frequent meter readings, available only with the STAR System, will provide the city with detailed usage data, allowing them to provide their customers with extraordinary customer service. Usage profiling and tracking, online access to daily consumption information, and unique billing options will be possible."

Hexagram Inc. ( is based in Cleveland, Ohio.


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