AMR Industry leaders Announce New Partnership

The Automatic Meter Reading Association (AMRA) and United Telecom Council (UTC) announce a new resolution to find automatic meter reading (AMR) interoperability solutions for utilities. Both associations recognize the benefits that AMR systems offer to utilities and are working to develop universal standards to encourage utilities' adoption of AMR technology.

AMRA and UTC are uniquely qualified to address these pressing needs. AMRA is the premiere advocate for automated metering technologies and for the value those systems bring to utilities and their customers. UTC is the only international trade association dedicated to the telecommunications and IT needs of all utility and critical infrastructure organizations.

To achieve the goals of the joint resolution, AMRA and UTC will form a task force of representatives from water, gas and electric utilities to examine, evaluate and recommend a framework for improving data interchange. The task force will examine technology solutions and develop standards that address the common business needs of utilities. Co-Chairs of the Task Force will be announced shortly.

"Automatic meter reading systems provide significant benefits that come from enterprise-wide access to the information collected and applications that contribute to opportunities for utilities to improve the efficiency of their entire delivery business," noted UTC's Chairman of the Board, Kenneth Campbell, who is also Senior Network Consultant at American electric Power in Columbus, OH. "Unlocking that value," he added, "requires integration of AMR platforms into numerous IT platforms within the utility, which today is often a costly and time-consuming customized process."

UTC's and AMRA's joint goal for this initiative is to advocate standardization that (a) increases the extent of enterprise-wide AMR information utilization, and (b) reduces the cost and time required to implement and manage AMR systems.

"We are thrilled to forge this partnership because it brings together some of the deepest experience in the industry to further solve complex problems," said AMRA President Maritza Jackson.

"Our interest in this initiative springs from our mission and experience in standards development," added Jackson, who is also Director of Business Development at Badger Meter in Milwaukee, WI. "This joint resolution will advance that work, making data from a variety of platforms more broadly usable by utilities industry-wide."

About AMRA

AMRA, the international voice of the AMR industry, provides information critical to the understanding and application of the wide range of AMR technologies. Through industry analyses, symposia, and relevant publications, AMRA serves the business interests of utilities and utility technology suppliers. More information is available at

About United Telecom Council

The United Telecom Council (UTC) is an international trade association whose members own, manage or provide critical telecommunications systems in support of their core business. Founded in 1948 to advocate for the allocation of additional radio spectrum for power utilities, UTC now represents over 10,000 electric, gas, and water utilities; natural gas pipelines; and critical infrastructure companies who serve all corners of the world and virtually every community in North America. More information visit:

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