Fluid Metering has released its 2006 Catalog covering dispensers and metering pumps for laboratory, industrial, process and OEM applications.

Feb 1st, 2006
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Metering pumps

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Fluid Metering has released its 2006 Catalog covering dispensers and metering pumps for laboratory, industrial, process and OEM applications. The 36 page, full-color catalog includes enhanced pump head information and a new intuitive product page layout simplifying pump selection. The catalog also includes the new V300 Variable Speed Pump Controller which features front panel membrane switches for flow control, large LCD flow rate display, and multiple analog input capabilities.

Fluid Metering Inc.
Syosset, NY
Tel: 800-223-3388

Inflow prevention

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In conjunction with the announcement of the new Val-Matic Inflow Preventer, the FloodSafe®, a new section has been added to The new page offers information on inflow prevention, detailed FloodSafe® drawings, an animation showing the actual device operation, a brochure and more. In addition to the new page, the website still offers detailed and extensive content on the company’s products.

Val-Matic® Valve and Manufacturing Corp.
Elmhurst, IL
Tel: 630-941-4672
Membrane systems

Membrane systems

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Koch Membrane Systems has published a new brochure for its municipal business group. The brochure details the company’s numerous product offerings, ranging from its line of membranes and systems to its service and maintenance programs. Providing readers with an overview of the municipal water and wastewater capabilities of KMS, the new brochure illustrates the various benefits of the company’s membrane technology with discussions of actual installations at municipalities such as Palm Beach County, FL, Simmerath, Germany, and Littleton, MA.

Koch Membrane Systems Inc.
Wilmington, MA
Tel: 888-677-5624

Chromatography data

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Thermo Electron has developed a new datasheet on the Atlas CDS™. Entitled “Atlas CDS - A scalable, compliant and integrated chromatography data system”, this new document is available free of charge to chromatographers working in both regulated and non-regulated industries to address the benefits of standardizing on a single solution. Thermo’s new datasheet provides information designed for multi-channel, multi-user client server implementations. As well as discussing the challenges in balancing the cost of regularly updating software against the benefits of such updates, the datasheet also provides an overview of the CDS’ data capabilities.

Thermo Electron Corp.
Philadelphia, PA
Tel: 800-532-4752
Laboratory products

Laboratory products

PerkinElmer has introduced its new 2006-2007 Consumables and Minor Accessories Catalog. Featuring more than 5,000 products, the catalog provides laboratories with new and existing offerings for the following technologies: Atomic Absorption; Elemental Analysis; Gas Chromatography; Inductively Coupled Plasma - Optical Emission Spectrometry; Inductively Coupled Plasma - Mass Spectrometry; Infrared Spectroscopy; Thermal Analysis; and UV Visible. Also, to help provide laboratories with a streamlined ordering process, the new catalog includes redesigned keyword and part number indexes, plus a Simple and Advanced Guide to online ordering.

PerkinElmer Inc.
Boston, MA
Stormwater detention

Stormwater detention

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Cultec’s new Recharger® 150 stormwater detention/retention chambers are designed to save materials and labor during installation. A PDF document discussing the system can be downloaded from the company’s website. With a longer length of 8.5 feet, compared to other chambers that come in only two standard sizes, project managers can order less units to complete a project. The system incorporates all of the key benefits of the original product line, including a built-in endwall on each chamber for strength throughout the system. Likewise, the units feature the company’s patented overlapping rib connection, which simplifies installation and provides a stronger connection between chambers.

Cultec Inc.
Brookfield, CT
Tel: 800-428-5832

Entrance system products

Special-Lite’s 2006 product catalog on CD is now available, giving architects, designers, contractors, building owners and maintenance directors the information needed to evaluate and order the company’s heavy-duty commercial entrance system products. The Windows-based CD provides exportable CAD drawings;, architectural details; brochures and sales sheets; order forms for literature, samples, and products; color selections; windload charts; deadload charts; and miscellaneous technical information on warranties, product training, door handing, and cleaning instructions.

Special-Lite Inc.
Decatur, MI Tel: 800-821-6531 Web:

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