The WAGO Programmable Fieldbus Controller (PFC) offers a flexible interface solution for SCADA applications, particularly in the water/wastewater industry, due to its Fieldbus-independent architecture.

Th 146934

Programmable controller

Th 146934
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The WAGO Programmable Fieldbus Controller (PFC) offers a flexible interface solution for SCADA applications, particularly in the water/wastewater industry, due to its Fieldbus-independent architecture. The Ethernet PFC is a popular choice for SCADA applications because it easily connects with off-the-shelf Ethernet products, including switches and hubs. The controller, used with the company's slice I/O modules, provides serial communication in addition to analog and digital I/O signals.
WAGO Corp.
Germantown WI
Tel: 262-255-6333

Filter control system

Th 146932
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The Leopold® SFC 2000™ supervisory filter control system is a state-of-the-art system designed to continuously monitor and automatically control filter operation and backwash sequencing in water and wastewater treatment plants. The integrated system can operate independently as a stand-alone filter controller, function as a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system, or be integrated into a new or existing plant-wide process control and information network.
F.B. Leopold Company, Inc.
Zelienople, PA
Tel: 724-452-6300

Membrane monitoring

Th 146933
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The Koch Membrane Systems Assist 3-Star program offers comprehensive, round the clock monitoring and trend analysis of membrane systems using the latest SCADA technology. It provides real-time alarm and excursion notification of problems as they are detected.
Koch Membrane Systems, Inc.
Wilmington, MA
Tel: 800-343-0499

Web enabled pump

Th 146935
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seepex progressive cavity pumps are available in packaged skid systems. Flows range from 1 cc/min to 20 gpm on standard skids. 1000:1, constant torque turndown is now available through advanced AC motor technology. The skids can deliver thin to highly viscous liquids as well as corrosive and solid laden chemicals. Control options include local PID for closed loop flow control, I/O terminals for remote DCS control, and the new Web I/O for remote monitoring and control over the Internet.
seepex Inc.
Enon, OH
Tel: 937-864-7150

Flowmeter testing

Th 146938
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Krohne offers the MagCheck, a portable testing and verification device for the company's electromagnetic flowmeters (EMF). The device allows operators to check the functionality and accuracy of the EMF's flowhead, converter and cables without removal from the pipeline or interruption of the process. The ISO 9001 compliant portable device uses available line power at the flow tube and can be used with most of the company's flowmeter converters as either an automatic verification instrument or as a manual flow signal calibrator.
Krohne Inc.
Peabody, MA
Tel: 800-356-9464

Multivariable transmitter

Th 146937
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Control Microsystems recently added the 4102MMT high performance multivariable transmitter to its product line. This device, which includes Ethernet, a PID controller and an analog output, simultaneously measures process temperature, process pressure and differential pressure. This product is ideal for installation in low power flow measurement and control applications in remote locations, or as an addressed device yielding measurement and control via an extended Ethernet network.
Control Microsystems
Kanata, Ontario
Tel: 888-267-2232

Control systems

Th 146939
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Aqua-Aerobic Systems has complimented its line of wastewater treatment equipment and systems with the addition of Aqua Control Systems and Aqua SCADA Systems. Both are appropriate for application in SBR systems, Cloth Media Filter Systems, and MixAir® Systems. For stand-alone applications such as aerator/mixer motor control, pump control, and local interface panels, the company offers smaller, definite-purpose control panels. It designs, configures and manufactures each control and SCADA system individually, according to a plant's specific control requirements.
Aqua-Aerobic Systems Inc.
Rockford, IL
Tel: 815-639-4456


Th 146943
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Bristol Babcock has introduced ControlWave Micro, the new cost effective RTU/PLC for pump, tank well and reservoir control. The device provides multiple pump scenarios for pump up and pump down control and scheduling. Individual pump parameters are available for start/stop setpoint, on-delay, lead/lag pump, runtime/rank control and emergency override. It is available with a local operator interface to allow a maintenance technician to manually control the pumps and enable maintenance mode.
Bristol Babcock Inc.
Watertown, CT
Tel: 860-945-2200

Flow analyzer

Th 146941
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The new Astoria®2, from Astoria-Pacific, is a compact micro-Segmented Flow Analyzer (µSFA). It is designed to run two separate chemistries simultaneously at a throughput of 60 to 240 tests per hour. Two integrated digital detectors allow less than 1 ppb detection. Proven µSFA technology requires only microliters of sample and uses minimal reagents, thereby producing very little waste. A variety of EPA, CORESTA, FDA, and AOAC methods are available. The FASPac™II software offers the latest in analyzer control, data analysis, report generation, and LIMS compatibility.
Astoria-Pacific International
Clackamas, OR
Tel: 503-657-3010

Automation controllers

Th 146942
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Control Technology has added the Model 5200 to its Blue Fusion™ line of web enabled automation controllers. The new model features a built-in web server that allows users to monitor, control and upgrade processes via Internet access. Multi-unit expansion racks enable users to control larger applications with more I/O via a single CPU and control strategy. A single Blue Fusion system can now control up to 192 I/O points and up to six axes of motion.
Control Technology Corp.
Hopkinton, MA
Tel: 888-818-2600

SCADA kits

Th 146944
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DT SCADA has introduced Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) kits. Each kit contains: Software (1000 Tags/ 100 Screens); One License free transceiver radio that meets part 15 FCC Regulations; and a remote enclosure that includes an Analog In device, power board, and surge-protected transformer. The package also contains two antennas, two lightening protectors, two 20' SMA cables, two 100' antenna cables and an instruction booklet. These units have been tested with GLI and Hach meters.
Tulsa, OK
Tel: 918-828-3673

Activated sludge control

Th 146946
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Automated Solution for Activated Sludge Control (ASASC™) is a turn-key expert/control system that consists of several independent modules (sold separately): SRTmaster™, DOmaster™, RECYCLEmaster™, and NITRATEmaster™. Reduction of energy and chemicals use, improvements in effluent quality, sludge settling, foam control and wasted sludge thickening were reported at the plants that use the modules.
Ekster and Associates
Fremont, CA
Tel: 510-657-7066

Control valves

Th 146948
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Flowserve Kämmer's 032000 and 132000 Series control valves are suitable for chemical feed systems in water treatment plants. Both valve series are noted for their ability to withstand acid corrosion while providing precision control. The 032000 Series is machined from barstock elastomer materials, including PP, PVC, and PVDF, and is available in 1/2" to 2" sizes. The 132000 Series (pictured) has a PFA-lined valve body and is available in 1/2" to 4" sizes.
Flowserve Kämmer
Pittsburgh, PA
Tel: 412-787-8803

Level, turbidity analyzer

Th 146949
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The BinMinder 9300-ETS from Entech combines ultrasonic sludge level and 90° scattered light turbidity in a dual purpose analyzer. Secondary clarifier effluent water quality is a critical process parameter that can be used to alert operators to upset conditions and prevent unnecessary regulatory penalties. Until now, operators have had to rely on visual inspection, time-delayed lab analysis, or turbidity measurement in combined discharge channels to monitor effluent water quality.
Entech Design, Inc.
Denton, TX
Tel: 940-898-1173

Chemical dilution control

Th 146950
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Force Flow has introduced the Merlin® Dilution Control System for Automated Onsite Chemical Dilution. The system allow users to purchase chemicals in less expensive, higher concentration then automatically dilute it down to any strength right before feeding. The system improves feed loop control and operator safety. A patent pending design permits total flexibility of final dilution strength at the touch of a button, optimizes metering pump accuracy and allows chemical usage to be remotely monitored.
Force Flow Inc.
Concord, CA
Tel: 800-893-6723

Loop controller

Th 146952
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The FX-8500 Compound Loop Controller from Foxcroft can provide unattended automation for chlorine residual applications or virtually any other process. It functions as the link between a chlorine analyzer, flowmeter, and chlorine control device in a "closed loop" chlorine residual control environment. It accepts two 4-20 mA inputs (typically process flow rate & chlorine residual level). It has three control modes: Flow, Residual, or Both. A two-line display shows process variable or setpoint and output. Non-volatile memory maintains all preset data.
Foxcroft Equipment & Service
Glen Moore, PA
Tel: 610-942-2888

Pump communication

The Grundfos G100, when used in conjunction with the Grundfos CU3 Motor Protector, offers monitoring, data acquisition, control and integration of the company's submersible pumps and motors into SCADA and DCS systems. Alternatively, the G100 can be used stand-alone and accessed by either a local PC or remotely via modem. The company's submersible motors are equipped with built-in temperature sensors allowing monitoring of critical operating temperatures.
Grundfos Pump Corp.
Olathe, KS
Tel: 913-227-3477


Th 146959
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Hach's new 1720E Low Range Process Turbidimeter is built to measure turbidity from 0.001 to 100 NTU and meet USEPA 180.1 design and performance guidelines. It can monitor low levels of turbidity, even in high-quality filtered water. A bubble removal system eliminates false high turbidity readings at low levels. One of the key improvements is the controller, which accepts two sensors so it can control two 1720E turbidimeters at once.
Hach Co.
Loveland, CO
Tel: 800-227-4224

Chlorine photometers

Th 146962
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Hanna Instruments has introduced a new line of chlorine photometers. Each portable photometer is splash proof and features a long battery life, ideal for spot checking around the facility or in the field. This new line of instruments covers multiple measurement ranges for free, free and total and trace chlorine applications.
Hanna Instruments
Temecula, CA
Tel: 888-426-6222

Data monitoring

Th 146963
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eDNA is a real-time data historian for monitoring, collecting, storing, analyzing, and displaying large quantities of data. This real-time platform is used throughout the water, power, telecom, and process industries. The company recently provided the eDNA system to one of California's largest regional water providers, which uses a variety of process/control systems for monitoring water quality and controlling water purification equipment.
InStep Software LLC
Chicago, IL
Tel: 312-894-7837

Multi-parameter analyzer

Th 146964
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Isco offers STIP-scan, a new in-situ sensor for the continuous batch analysis of multiple parameters in wastewater. Designed to operate in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants at the inlet, in the aeration basin, and in treated effluent, the instrument's UV/VIS spectroscopic sensor is capable of simultaneous measurement of nitrate, COD, TOC, spectral absorption coefficient (SAC254), total solids, sludge volume, sludge volume index, and turbidity.
Isco, Inc.
Lincoln, NE
Tel: 800-228-4373

Ethernet radio

Th 146969
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Locus announces new functionality in its High Speed Ethernet radio, the OS2400-HSE. It can function as an access point, bridge and repeater radio simultaneously. An authorized individual using any PC with a PCMCIA card can access an HSE network through a single HSE radio in the field (radio as an access point), can send and retrieve data from a linked device such as a PLC (radio as a bridge) and send that data back to another Ethernet backbone (radio acting as a repeater).
Locus Inc.
Madison, WI
Tel: 608-270-0500

Process measurement

Th 146968
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A new Process Measurement Solutions catalog for liquid analytical systems from Mettler-Toledo Ingold is now available. The catalog carries the company's complete line with specifications for pH, dissolved oxygen, CO2, conductivity, turbidity, process connections, and automated cleaning and calibration systems. All Ingold parameters can be integrated by industry-standard communication protocols, such as PROFIBUS, Foundation Fieldbus, and Hart.
Mettler-Toledo Ingold
Columbus, OH
Tel: 800-352-8763

Turnkey monitoring

Th 146972
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Mission has expanded its line of products, which now can be used to provide everything from full, always-on wireless SCADA and in-sewer monitoring systems to vehicle tracking and rainfall monitoring systems. All the company's systems include a web site, display and graphics software, alarms to anything, reports, built-in site security and maintenance logs.
Mission Communications
Norcross, GA
Tel: 877-993-1911

Paperless recorders

Th 146971
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The Monarch DC-2000 paperless recorder improves operator efficiencies with a bright 5.6'' color display and touchscreen control for set up, operation, and data review. A universal, isolated input module measures up to 12 channels in a wide range of DC voltage, DC current, T/C and RTD signals. The recorder has 0.05% voltage accuracy and 16-bit resolution.
Monarch Instrument
Amherst, NH
Tel: 603-883-3390

Meter analysis

Neptune's SEER® (Statistical Evaluation for Enhancement of Revenue) is an analytical tool that can determine meter accuracy to within a 95% confidence interval without the need to perform an on-site test of the meter. One New York area water authority conducted a SEER® analysis on 32 meters. Meters that were misapplied, required maintenance or replacement, and required resizing equated to a potential saving of $48,000 with an overall payback of 2.3 years.
Neptune Technology Group Inc.
Tallassee, AL
Tel: 800-448-2943

Data modems

Th 146973
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Users looking to move RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 serial data in industrial applications now have a solution with the new RAD-Data series of wireless modems from Phoenix Contact. The series is an interoperable line of DIN-rail mount, license-free ISM band frequency-hopping radios. Class I, Div 2 approved, these radios perform across wide temperature ranges and accept a broad range of DC power voltages.
Phoenix Contact Inc.
Harrisburg, PA
Tel: 800-322-3225

RTU processor

The ProSoft RTU-5/03 Processor is aimed strategically at SCADA applications, such as those commonly used in the water/wastewater industry. The processor is a fully functional Allen-Bradley SLC 5/03 processor with the Modbus slave communications driver added to Channel 0. All features of the SLC 5/03 are available in the RTU 5/03, including the complete 5/03 instruction set, built-in math capabilities, two communications channels (DH-485 and RS-232), on-line editing, built-in key switch and built-in real-time clock and calendar, analog I/O and PID capabilities.
ProSoft Technology, Inc.
Bakersfield, CA
Tel: 661-716-5223

Fiberglass enclosures

Th 146974
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Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures offers the DiamondShield™ family of fiberglass enclosures, which are suitable for SCADA applications. Every cubic inch of interior volume is available and completely protected. Any panel of any size can be mounted at any height or depth and hinged in any direction, even on the door. The enclosures were used recently for housing a transmitter unit from SCADA Source's low cost telemetry system package. The receiver unit was placed in an existing control panel, and interfaced to the pump controller.
Stahlin Non-Metallic Enclosures
Belding, MI
Tel: 616-794-0700

Data recorder

TTI now offers the Datagraph II, a modular paperless recorder that allows for up to 18 analog inputs or a mix of analog and digital I/O cards. Other features include: high-resolution color display (640 x 480 pixels), infrared detector for prolonged display life, plug & play I/O card, shallow unit depth, and user-friendly interface. The low-voltage and bench-top kit options also make the recorder ideal for portable applications.
TTI Inc.
Williston, VT
Tel: 800-235-8367


USFilter Stranco Products has introduced the new Strantrol Feed Verification Controller (FVC), which provides monitoring and control for a large selection of metering pumps that accept pulse inputs. Once programmed, the controller maintains the user-set dosage without continued inspection and pump adjustments by operators.
USFilter Stranco Products
Bradley, IL
Tel: 815-929-4127

Level transmitters

Th 146975
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WIKA presents the LS-10. These submersible liquid level transmitters are engineered for a variety of liquid level measurement applications. The transmitter's design makes it suitable for environments associated with water and wastewater treatment and well depth measurement, among others. Each transmitter undergoes quality control testing and calibration to achieve an accuracy of <0.25% full scale. Its printed circuit board uses surface mount technology for reliability.
WIKA Instrument Corp.
Atlanta, GA

Level controllers

Th 146976
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The Siemens-Milltronics MultiRanger ultrasonic level controllers are now available in panel mount versions ideal for use in control rooms alongside other panel-mounted electrical equipment or where space is limited. The controllers are configurable at time of order, allowing operators to select just the features they want. Options include the number of relays, single or dual point functionality, and application specific software functions.
Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc.
Spring House, PA
Tel: 215-646-7400

Level transmitter

Th 146978
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The 8000MP submersible level transmitter from Sigma Controls has a stable piezo resistive sensor, and a purpose built microprocessor that offers extensive compensation routines. It features analog 4-20 mA, MVNET, ASCII, RTU and other outputs for datalogging. Up to 128 units may be strung on a single cable data highway, and no vent tubes or dessicants are required in the installation.
Sigma Controls, Inc.
Perkasie, PA
Tel: 215-257-3412

Remote monitoring

Th 146980
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The Strison Cell-Alert remote monitoring system provides secure periodic data collection accessible any time on the Internet, and real time alarm notification via cell phones, pagers, or e-mail. Remote transmitting units monitor critical equipment and processes anywhere, using cellular control data communications technology. Each unit continuously monitors up to eight analog or digital data inputs, such as pump cycles and run time, flow, level, current, pressure, temperature, humidity, rainfall and more.
Strison Wireless Systems
Greensboro, NC
Tel: 336-279-1070

PH Process Control

Th 146983
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Analytical Measurements offers its 4-point Recorder-Controller Unit (Model RC4) designed for monitoring and controlling either pH or ORP (Redox). These units are used in all types of water operations where control of pH or ORP is needed. The unit contains a four-point controller which allows two low scale and two high scale set points.
Analytical Measurements
Hillside, NJ
Tel: 800-635-5580

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