Water Production Department Benefits from HMI/SCADA Suite

The Water Production department of the City of Enid, Oklahoma, has upgraded its control system with the Iconics Genesis64™ HMI/SCADA suite. The new system handles over 1,400 tags in the water production system, and now integrates with the department’s Koyo PLCs from Automation Direct.

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The Water Production department of the City of Enid, OK, located 70 miles north of Oklahoma City, sought to upgrade its control system. Originally consisting of push-button controls, it evolved to a segment line control HMI then to ActiveX-based controls. The city considered multiple solutions but eventually selected an Iconics Genesis32™ HMI/SCADA suite and has recently upgraded to Genesis64.

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A City of Enid Water Production control screen developed using Iconics Genesis64™ software.

Enid's water management services include production, distribution and reclamation. The Water Production department serves about 50,000 residents, with an average of 11 mgd and peaks of 20 mgd in the summer. The water system includes approximately 140 producing underground water wells, 23 million gallons of storage tanks, seven pumping stations and two treatment plants.

Following a 60-day development cycle, the department initially used the new Iconics software to design and implement a new water production control system. The goal was to standardize on the selected software and provide an interface with ease of access for all operators. Using Genesis64 resulted in an exact 3D view of remote stations and pump rooms. The department is also developing a new wastewater system with their systems integration partner, Integrated Controls, which will also feature Genesis64.

The department's new system handles over 1,400 tags in its water production system, which now integrates with their Koyo PLCs (from Automation Direct). The Iconics software also ties into additional hardware including wireless, serial and networking connections (e.g. UHF, VHF and FSK [Frequency Shift Key]). Among the Microsoft products in use are Windows Server 2008, Security Essentials and SQL Server.


Enid's water production staff saw several benefits in implementing the new software. First, they wanted a solution that would integrate seamlessly with Microsoft SQL Server. Next, they wanted HMI/SCADA software that they considered secure enough for a municipal project.

They also wanted HMI/SCADA software that would allow for ease of programming for their operators, which they found within the Workbench, the centralized Web-based interface that makes it easy for users to open Genesis64 products and configure components, runtime, and security.

Finally, the department wanted a solution that integrated with OPC technology and standards, which is provided through Iconics OPC Server suite. An additional benefit comes from Iconics WebHMI. The department uses the software to access a central server via Web browser as part of their water management controls.

The systems integrators for the city have ultimately found the software to be user friendly and they appreciate being able to design their project in-house. Future plans for the department are to expand the water production system, as well as integrate more Web and mobile access. In addition, the wastewater project still continues.

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