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Data logger

Fluid Conservation Systems (FCS) has introduced its new intrinsically safe Intelligens Waste Water (WW) data logger, designed to work safely in hazardous areas. It is ideal for monitoring open channels, combined sewer overflows, storm drains, storage tank levels, and flood warning systems. The WW consists of FCS SonicSens 2 sensors, which operate using ultrasonic technology that is non-contact, non-contaminating and low maintenance. Two-way connectivity with integral SMS/GPRS telemetry enables the unit to be reprogrammed remotely without the need for expensive site visits.

Fluid Conservation Systems

Multi-sensor probe

Electro Scan has announced its new patent-pending multi-sensor probe that accurately finds and measures water losses. The probe was featured as part of a 90-day/16-city international roadshow that began in September. It includes a low-voltage conductivity sensor, high-definition camera, pressure sensor, and acoustic sensor. Using a neutrally buoyant fiber optic cable, the company can evaluate up to 2,000 ft (610 m) of water main from a single point of entry, accessed through fire hydrants, air valves, flow meters, gate valves, and pressure fittings.

Electro Scan Inc.

Water level meters

Solinst Canada Ltd. has updated the probes for its Model 102 Water Level Meters. These affordable meters feature narrow-diameter coaxial cable and probes for accurate manual depth to water measurements in tight spaces. The newly designed P4 Probe and P10 Probe feature a recessed probe tip, which helps eliminate false readings in cascading water. Both probes are available as options on standard 102 Water Level Meters, with lengths up to 1,000 ft. (300 m), as well as the compact Model 102M Mini Water Level Meter, with 80-ft. or 25-m cable lengths.

Solinst Canada Ltd.

Sodium hypochlorite system

De Nora Water Technologies has announced a new generation of its ClorTec® on-site sodium hypochlorite production systems. The systems feature simplified instrumentation and a new rack design for ease of operation and maintenance. Each of the systems’ cells is now vented for safe, efficient operation. ClorTec systems generate a 0.8% sodium hypochlorite disinfection solution, a chlorine equivalent, using only salt, water and electricity. ClorTec units range in capacity from up to 1 kg/day or 2 lb/day to 1,360+ kg/day or 3,000+ lb/day.

De Nora Water Technologies

Hose pumps

Watson-Marlow’s Bredel hose pumps reliably handle harsh materials, including abrasive sewage and slurry, making them ideal for feeding primary or thickened sludge to digesters or filter presses. Advanced hose technology enables Bredel pumps to handle very viscous grit-filled sludge dependably for extended periods of time. Peristaltic hose pumps are virtually maintenance-free, with no expensive seals to replace, no check valves to clog, and no rotors and stators to wear. Unlike other pump types, the highly abrasive nature of sludge does not affect pump life.

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group

Thermoplastic pumps

CHEM-GARD® CGA thermoplastic pumps from Vanton are inert to liquids across the entire pH range and thereby provide longer service life than metallic or fiberglass pumps. They meet ANSI B-73.1 standards and are metal-armored, enabling them to handle the same nozzle loadings as metal pumps. The centrifugal pumps are also offered in other designs such as self-priming, close-coupled, mag-drive, combination close-coupled/mag-drive, sealless, and DIN, as well as with motor types that have integral pump shafts.

Vanton Pump and Equipment Corp.

Rotary jet mixer

The Alfa Laval Rotary Jet Mixer provides faster and more efficient mixing than conventional methods. It combines high blending precision with minimized mixing times and up to 50% reduction in energy requirements. Based on rotary jet head technology, it can be used in tanks between 100 and 800,000 liters in size. Equipped with two or four nozzles, the Rotary Jet Mixer is positioned below liquid level in the tank. Liquid is withdrawn from the tank outlet by a pump and circulated via an external loop to the mixer.

Alfa Laval

Noise barrier

Acoustiblok Corporation has announced the new patent-pending Landscape Green Acoustifence, designed as an advanced sound barrier that can easily be attached to most types of fencing. The new green shade easily blends into the environment, making it ideal for landscaping projects, residential home use and outdoor applications where blending into the natural foliage is a concern. It comes in 6 x 30 foot sections and has been tested in independent, certified acoustical labs, and the measurements (STC 28, representing an 85% reduction to the human ear) are very accurate.


Data logger

Onset has announced the HOBO® MX2001, a water level data logger designed for convenient wireless setup and download from mobile devices via Bluetooth Low Energy. The MX2001 offers a number of additional features to streamline water level data collection and simplifies and lowers the cost of field data collection by providing wireless access to high-accuracy water level and temperature measurements right from a mobile phone or tablet. Researchers no longer need to take a laptop computer out to the field or pull data loggers out of a well to download data.


Cloud-based platform

Gemalto is delivering actionable, up-to-the minute data to first responders in the field. Working with Intrado, Gemalto’s cloud-based Sensor Logic Application Enablement Platform translates important data and sends alerts to emergency teams to improve response times and outcomes, while continuously monitoring developments as they occur. Data from remote sensors is collected by the platform, which transforms it into easy-to-use information, and Intrado’s middleware, developed with assistance from Prodapt, automatically sends it to first responders via a secure web portal and SMS alerts.


Algae treatment

The Algaewheel from OneWater is a unique, low-energy, self-sustaining ecosystem that uses daylight, algae and bacteria to deliver high-quality water treatment. The technology solves problems of current small-scale treatment, ultimately enabling communities to move away from centralized, big-pipe infrastructure to decentralized independent treatment and reuse. The cornerstone of the design is an environmentally friendly and visually attractive modular system that can be quickly installed and mimics nature’s biological process to deliver high performance. It is also a smart solution for replacing aging or failing biological systems.

OneWater Inc.

Manhole device

Sewer Sentry LLC has announces the introduction of the patented Sewer Sentry, a small, easy-to-install manhole device that can prevent up to 90% of inflow into sanitary sewer systems and can help prevent sanitary sewer overflows. The device also vents sewer systems of the gases that, combined with water, form a gas highly corrosive to sewer pipes. Constructed of DuPont™ Super Tough Zytel® ST801-NC010A nylon 66 resin, the device raises the hole through which rainwater flows into the manhole by 5/8”, diverting the vast majority of inflow.

Sewer Sentry LLC

Cover system cap

Colorado Lining International has unveiled a new brand for its floating cover systems: Hydro-Cap™. These systems are offered domestically and internationally and are targeted to construction water ponds, anaerobic digestion lagoons and digesters, landfill leachate containment, potable water storage, and evaporation control. The design and operational breadth of Hydro-Cap includes aboveground water tank covers that can be - and typically are - reused or relocated to multiple sites, enduring year-round and seasonal punishment in some of North America’s harshest weather conditions.

Colorado Lining International Inc.

Submersible pumps

Tsurumi America’s New X Series pumps will provide explosion-proof versions of Tsurumi’s B, BZ, U, and UZ series sewage and wastewater submersible pumps. Available in BYX, BZYX, UYX, and UZYX series, the pumps will expand Tsurumi’s product offering for applications that require an FM-approved pump, such as municipal sewage lift stations, landfills, industrial wastewater cleaning, and agricultural wastewater cleaning, among others. In total, 87 models will be added to the line.

Tsurumi America

AODD pump models

Wilden has announced the release of two new 1-1/2” (38-mm) Advanced™ High-Pressure Bolted Metal AODD Pump models that utilize the energy-efficient Pro-Flo® SHIFT Air Distribution System (ADS). Utilizing a bolted configuration to ensure total product containment, the new pumps feature redesigned liquid paths to reduce internal friction to maximize output and efficiency. They are shear sensitive, dry-run capable, externally serviceable, completely submersible, and comply with all CE and ATEX requirements. The new high-pressure pumps also come equipped with the innovative Wilden Pro-Flo SHIFT ADS.

Wilden Pump and Engineering

Check valve

Flomatic has introduced a new Model 745ASC Rubber Flapper Swing Check valve with adjustable spring closure (ASC). The valve has an epoxy-coated, ductile iron body with an encapsulated valve disc that is custom-molded Buna-N and comes in 3” to 14” sizes. The 745ASC is designed for high-head, long-pipe lines, multiple pumps and surge tank installations. Its spring-assisted closure provides rapid closure through a short stroke of 45° and uses a field-adjustable spring to avoid slamming and allow the valve disc to be stabilized under normal flow conditions.

Flomatic Corporation

COD analyzer

The new Thermo Scientific Orion 3106 COD analyzer is the latest addition to the portfolio of Orion products serving the wastewater industry. The analyzer combines a digestion step with colorimetric analysis to measure the concentration of organic compounds that can affect water quality. It is designed to reduce on-going operating costs due to its low maintenance and reagent consumption. Further, by controlling the treatment process, users can reduce disinfection costs. The intuitive user interface simplifies navigation for an enhanced operator experience.

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Elbow spot repair kit

Infrastructure Repair Systems has introduced the Trenchless 90° Elbow Spot Repair system to seal joints, cracks or missing sections of virtually any 4” to 6” pipe. This is performed without bunching or wrinkling due to the liner’s flexible center and strong fiberglass design that expands on the outside and contracts to the pipe’s inner portion to ensure smooth, unobstructed curves. The patent-pending system was specifically developed as a permanent “no dig, easy fix” for small pipe elbows that previously needed to be dug out and replaced.

Infrastructure Repair Systems Inc.

Self-priming pumps

BBA Pumps has introduced a new design to its B-series self-priming pumps. The design of the larger B pumps (6” to 10”) has been thoroughly modified, resulting in a higher pump efficiency and a larger passage for solids. For the smaller models, the company has made enhancements to the production process. A good example is the changes being made in BBA’s spraying process. It aims to reduce its ecological impact and the generation of waste materials by replacing spraying as far as possible with a more effective powder-coating process.

BBA Pumps

Flow meter

Process and plant engineers responsible for continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) who need a reliable solution to flow measurement problems will find the rugged MT91 Series Flow Meter from Fluid Components International provides precise, repeatable measurement to meet stringent environmental regulations. With its smart digital flow transmitter and advanced thermal dispersion technology flow-sensing elements, the MT91 Flow Meter meets federal environmental requirements for CEMS per CFR Title 40, Part 75. The MT91 is an excellent choice for measuring mass flow almost anywhere variable conditions limit single-point flow meter effectiveness.

Fluid Components International

Detection software

NexDefense has announced the release of its newest version of Sophia™ - its ICS monitoring and network anomaly detection software. NexDefense Sophia Commercial Version 2.1 will further empower ICS owners and operators to secure and protect critical physical and cyber assets by providing actionable intelligence and enabling real-time visibility into potentially malicious network communications and behaviors. NexDefense empowers control system operators with the real-time knowledge needed to maintain system integrity and combat sophisticated cybersecurity threats.

NexDefense Inc.

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