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The Qube™ blower package by Tuthill, featuring the new Qx™ blower, is a quick-delivery solution for wastewater aeration and more.

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Blower package

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The Qube™ blower package by Tuthill, featuring the new Qx™ blower, is a quick-delivery solution for wastewater aeration and more. Benefits include high efficiency with low noise (< 75 dBA); up to 18 PSI; a compact footprint; and a powder coated steel enclosure. Additional features include integral check valve; discharge from back; and discharge flexible connector.
Tuthill Vacuum & Blower Systems
Springfield, MO
Tel: 800-825-6937
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Aeration blowers

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HSI has introduced its new air-bearing HT Series blower. The new High Speed Turbo Blowers can reportedly provide a 20-40 percent reduction in energy costs and require less maintenance. The only scheduled maintenance is routine inlet filter changes. The series is quiet, with less than 80 dba per OSHA standards. They are shipped as a pre-engineered working system with integrated controls, variable frequency drive, filter inlet, and electrical disconnect.
Houston, TX
Tel: 800-725-2291
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Aeration system

MTS/Mass Transfer Systems designs and manufactures the MTS jet aeration product for industrial and municipal water and wastewater treatment. The technology uses two phase jet nozzles to supply atmospheric oxygen to recirculated liquid in a proprietary mixing system. Recirculated liquid is pumped through the inner, primary nozzle creating a high velocity liquid stream while air is fed into the secondary outer nozzle.
MTS/Mass Transfer Systems
Walpole, MA
Tel: 508-660-9150
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Aeration blower package

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The Dresser Roots™ Easyair® X2 package system provides comprehensive performance engineering that allows users to configure a solution to their unique application. The heart of the package is a 50 cfm to 5000 cfm two- or three-lobe splash lubricated blower built in America. This well-balanced machine is mounted on a unique baseplate with integral silencing and driven by a high efficiency motor with v-belt drive. Maintenance is optimized via ergonomically designed panels in the acoustic enclosure.
Dresser Roots
Connersville, IN
Tel: 765-827-9200
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Membrane diffuser

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The Diamond™ edition membrane diffuser from Siemens is the latest breakthrough in fine-bubble membrane technology. The diffuser's custom-formulated EPDM material gives it a 50% greater tensile strength than other diffusers, which ultimately results in longer product life. The new diffuser can also deliver air in a wider operating range - up to 5 SCFM per diffuser.
Siemens Water Technologies
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Air diffusers

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Diffused Gas Technologies offers a complete line of air diffusers for use in biological wastewater and potable water treatment applications. The diffusers are available in a variety of designs, materials of construction, and configurations to meet the needs of the customer's application. A new CD with technical and application data is available which describes the line of diffusers ranging from coarse to fine bubble and vertical or horizontal format configurations.
Diffused Gas Technologies Inc.
Lebanon, OH
Tel: 513-934-4418
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Luminescence DO probe

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The Hach LDO® probe applies new luminescence technology to continuously monitor dissolved oxygen. The instrument controller can inform staff immediately of any changes in DO level, and can be integrated with a variable frequency drive or PLC to control the amount of oxygen being injected into the system. The instrument can be used effectively in a range of applications, including aeration tanks, collection systems, nitrification and denitrification tanks, and aerobic and anaerobic digesters. The DO probe requires minimal maintenance and infrequent calibration, and offers exceptional accuracy and repeatability.
Hach Co.
Loveland, CO
Tel: 800-227-4224
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Compressed air management

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Kaeser Compressors' Sigma Air Manager (SAM) monitors, sequences and analyzes low pressure air or vacuum system performance. It allows auto-dual control, balances service hours, prevents simultaneous motor starts and maintains tight pressure band control. The manager can be adapted to almost any system and can manage up to 16 blowers, including differing brands.
Kaeser Compressors
Tel: 800-777-7873
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Solar powered circulators

SolarBee has begun lease-purchase and rental plans to help municipalities solve water quality challenges without a capital expenditure. The plans are available for all reservoir applications, including wastewater, raw water reservoirs, potable water storage tanks, lakes, stormwater ponds, water re-use ponds, industrial ponds, and others. The company's solar-powered water circulators help improve water quality by moving large volumes of water, reducing nitrification, temperature stratification, stagnation and residual loss.
SolarBee Inc.
Dickinson, ND
Tel: 866-437-8076
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Optical DO sensor

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Emerson Process Management has introduced the Rosemount Analytical RDO® optical dissolved oxygen sensor and analyzer for use in wastewater aeration basins and ponds. The sensor is more resistant to fouling than polarographic sensors, an important advantage in wastewater where coating is a common problem. Less sensitivity to fouling means less need for cleaning and reduced operating costs. The sensor is available with either integral or quick-disconnect cable.
Emerson Process Management
Irvine, CA
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Aeration, mixing

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The Reliant Water Technologies' Model WQA was specifically designed to operate in shallow (5' to 12' deep) ponds and lagoons to provide aeration and de-stratification with a minimum of energy. This patented water moving and aeration system requires only 5' of water to operate. It continuously moves all the water within a 5 acre pond or lagoon. The water movement helps to break up the bottom's toxic dead zone, allowing for the ammonia and nitrogen components trapped there to rise and naturally dissipate through oxidation.
Reliant Water Technologies
New Orleans, LA
Tel: 877-820-5511
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DO analyzer

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The new Triton DO8 Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer System from Electro-Chemical Devices combines a multi-channel digital controller with a state-of-the-art fluorescence quenching (FQ) sensing element. The C22 Multi-Channel Controller/Monitor integrated with the sensor creates an accurate oxygen analysis system. The C22 features a Multi-Bus architecture that allows up to four sensor inputs, six outputs and six relays. The DO8 Sensor couples FQ optical technology with intelligent microprocessor-based electronics.
Electro-Chemical Devices
Irvine, CA
Tel: 800-729-1333
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