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Sensus is now shipping its iPERL™ product, an intelligent residential water management system.

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Residential water management

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Sensus is now shipping its iPERL™ product, an intelligent residential water management system. The system helps utilities capture additional revenue and support conservation by offering low flow accuracy, high flow durability and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) connectivity. The system measures up to 12 percent lower flow rates than any other available product, driving immediate revenue for utilities.
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Flow monitor

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The new FlowShark® Triton from ADS Environmental Services® is a new monitoring device with multiple depth measurement technologies and multiple velocity measurement technologies in a single Intrinsically Safe monitor. The monitor features Cross-Checking of up to three depths and two velocities with four sensor options. Each sensor provides multiple technologies for continuous running of comparisons and tolerances. Sensor options include Peak Combo Sensor with peak Doppler velocity; Profiler Combo Sensor with profiling velocity, an uplooking ultrasonic, and a pressure depth all in one housing; Surface Combo Sensor with surface velocity, downlooking quadredundant ultrasonic depth, pressure depth, and surcharge continuous wave velocity; and Quadredundant Ultrasonic Sensor with ultrasonic depth measurement.
Tel: 800-633-7246
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Modeling software

Bentley Systems has integrated its civil engineering design and stormwater modeling and analysis applications, including InRoads, GEOPAK, PowerCivil for North America, MXROAD, CivilStorm, StormCAD, and PondPack products. With the integration, civil designers can ensure the accurate location of stormwater infrastructure using geometric and digital terrain data, and generate 3D visualizations and analysis for clash detection and constructability.
Bentley Systems Inc.
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Data service

BirdNest has announced three enhancements to its enterprise water/wastewater data service: an upgraded server, increased security and an enhanced automated report scheduler. The secure, Web-based portal combined with an enhanced automated report scheduler improves the speed and accuracy of monthly operations and regulatory compliance reporting for organizations involved in water/wastewater operations. Customers now have three ways to view and share data: Run log sheets on-demand by facility; build custom reports that combine data from multiple facilities; and save reports to a library for future access.
Tel: 713-868-2900
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Colorimetric monitors

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The new ABB Aztec 600 range of online analytical analyzers for potable water treatment are now available. The line includes Aluminum, Iron and Manganese colorimetric monitors that use an LED and detector to measure the passage of light through a sample. A single piston pump provides all the sample and reagent fluid handling for measurement, mixing and disposal. Measurements are taken before and after color reagents are added to compensate for background color and turbidity.
ABB Instrumentation
Tel: 800-829-6001
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Head, neck wraps

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Cool Offs are a neck or head wrap designed to protect and provide comfort for workers who function in environments with excessive heat. They feature non-toxic cooling crystals that are activated by water, allowing this composite to absorb and lock in water to cool from 24-72 hours.
Allegro Industries
Tel: 800-622-3530
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Pump seals

Pentair Flow Technologies is introducing the Berkeley Dry-Run Seal System™ as an option for its centrifugal pumps. The seal system protects against damage by providing continual lubrication to the mechanical seals; and is ideal for demanding applications such as irrigation systems, rental fleets and construction dewatering. The system's dry-run gland surrounds the shaft and channels a continuous flow of lubricant to the shaft and mechanical seal to cool and minimize friction.
Pentair Flow Technologies
Delavan, WI
Tel: 262-728-7224
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Gas detection

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Crowcon has expanded the capabilities of its Tetra:3 (T3) personal multi-gas detector with an additional toxic gas sensor for ammonia (NH3). The existing sensor range includes flammable gases, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, ozone, sulphur dioxide, and carbon monoxide. With a top-mount display and the capacity to detect up to four gases at once, the detector is suitable for use in most industrial environments, including confined space work.
Crowcon, a Halma company
Erlanger, KY
Tel: 800-527-6926
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