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New biotrickling filter technology from BioAir Solutions can remove both organic and inorganic odorous compounds from municipal wastewater treatment plant airstreams.

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Biotrickling filter

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New biotrickling filter technology from BioAir Solutions can remove both organic and inorganic odorous compounds from municipal wastewater treatment plant airstreams. The company's EcoFilter™ line of products – which use its proprietary EcoBase™ synthetic media – treats the same amount of air as competing technologies, in a unit one-third the size and in one-third the residence time. The media can remove more than 99.9 percent of hydrogen sulfide odors, including more than 99 percent of all odors.
BioAir Solutions, LLC
Voorhees, NJ Tel: 856-258-6969 Web:
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Aeration Industries' surface-mounted Aire-O2 Triton® aerator can reduce odor problems by driving fine-bubble aeration and horizontal mixing to depths of 33 feet. This keeps solids in suspension and ensures total biological treatment and no dead spots. There are no aerosols and very quiet operation making the aerators community friendly. The system's dual-function capability allows for controlled aeration and/or mixing.
Aeration Industries International Inc.
Tel: 952-448-6789 Web:
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Hydroxyl ion fogging

Parkson Corp. and Vapex Environmental Technologies have formed a partnership to market Vapex odor control technology in North American. The company's O-Mega hydroxyl ion fogging technology eliminates odors and reduces pH corrosion found throughout wastewater systems. Instead of more traditional technologies that extract and scrub odors, the O-Mega oxidizes the odorous space itself, eradicating the odors without the expense of moving high volumes of air. The two companies will also offer the Sentinel scrubber control system, which monitors the internal gas passing through a scrubber and reduces scrubber chemicals by up to 60%.
Parkson Corp.
Vapex Environmental Technologies
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Odor neutralizer

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BioWorld Odor Neutralizer (BON) is a water-based concentrated liquid that eliminates offensive odors at their source. The technology safely neutralizes unpleasant odors, including asphalt, sulfides, mercaptans, paint, urine, skunk and fish. Designed for large scale applications, it can be added as a concentrate to wastewater, or it can be diluted and fogged into the air with the company's drum-mounted foggers and event timers to control odors at a wastewater facility.
BioWorld USA
Tel: 800-882-0225
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Odor monitoring

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OdoWatch® provides continuous, real-time results of odor measurements from wastewater treatment, composting, or industrial operations. The electronic nose (e-nose) is calibrated to "smell" and quantify site odors in odor units (d/t). The system is comprised of one or more e-noses, a weather tower, a wireless communications system, and a computer preconfigured with OdoWatch software. The e-noses are positioned near the odor sources of the site. Using weather data, the system performs real-time dispersion modeling using AERMOD and displays the results as a color-coded plume on an aerial view of the site. The system alerts operators when odors begin to reach threshold values, enabling them to respond before an odor problem occurs.
N.A. Water Systems
Moon Township, PA
Tel: 800-337-0777
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Biological odor control

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The ZABOCS™ process, available from Siemens, is a non-hazardous biological treatment system that combines gas adsorption with biological oxidation to capture and then eliminate organic and inorganic odors. This two-stage process combines biofiltration with an integral activated carbon media polishing stage. The system provides immediate odor control with zero acclimation period. It is available in nine models that range in capacity from 350 to 5,000 cfm. Manufactured from glass-reinforced plastic, the skid-mounted system is factory-assembled, charged with media and ready for site installation. Designed for unattended, automatic operation, the systems are ideal for remote wells, pumping stations and sewage collection systems.
Siemens Water Technologies
San Diego, CA
Tel: 858-487-2200
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Biorem has launched its SK Series of skid mounted, two-stage biofilters. The systems come in two sizes, one to treat up to 250 cfm of contaminated air and one to treat up to 450 cfm. The systems benefit from the use of the company's permanent XLD media, which helped reduce their footprint. The pre-assembled units are housed on a self-contained skid and shipped complete to site for rapid installation.
Biorem Inc.
Guelph, Ontario
Tel: 519-767-9100
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Turnkey odor control

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BakerCorp provides turnkey odor control systems for cities and municipalities. The company can design, deliver and install SCAQMD permitted odor control systems for temporary or permanent use. Its systems feature a variable frequency drive to vary flow rates and offer flexibility to meet a project's changing needs. The turnkey systems allow for 4,000 to 8,000 lbs. of specialty media and a capacity of 10,000 cfm. The filter vessel consists of epoxy-lined carbon steel with a stainless-steel screen. Additionally, Baker's full range of on-site services includes vacuuming, packaging, transporting and disposal of spent materials to keep the system up and running.
Tel: 800-225-3712
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