Global mini-crane

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Global mini-craneContent Dam Ww Print Articles 2016 03 1603wwprd P10 318951

OEM Smart-Rig Cranes recently added the CE certified S1 Global Model to its stock of portable floor cranes. The unique mini-crane is rated at 885 kg cap. (1,950 lb.), 800 mm wide (32 in.), 5.5 m hook height (18 ft.), with battery power and on-board charger, tilt alarm, hydraulics and pick and carry design for easy transport. The base of the S1 Global uses the same fold-out outrigger legs, pull back counterweight water tank, and three-piece manual pull out boom as the S1 Standard unit. The S1 Global introduces aesthetic and safety feature updates including a tilt sensor alarm, weatherproof on-board charger, test certificate, and CE certification for international use. The S1 Global has 30 meters of cable (100 ft.) and a 5.5-meter vertical hook height with a speed of 7-9 meters per minute (25-30 FPM).

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