AWWA approves standard for Severn Trent fluidic oscillation technology

Severn Trent Services announces successful development of C713 design and quality standard for fluidic oscillation meters by the American Water Works Association. Compliance with C713 ensures the company's SmartMeter water meters, which pioneered the fluidic oscillation technology, will continue to add to their extensive base of installed meters worldwide...

FORT WASHINGTON, PA, Aug. 30, 2005 -- The American Water Works Association (AWWA) has successfully developed the C713 design and quality standard for fluidic oscillation meters, Severn Trent Services announced yesterday. The standard enables solid-state fluidic oscillator water meters to be evaluated against a recognized standard for use throughout North America. Compliance with C713 ensures that the company's SmartMeter™ water meters will continue to add to their extensive base of installed meters worldwide.

Development of the quality standard represents an advance in the global recognition of fluidic oscillation technology. Because this technology measures only the flow of water, the presence of air in water systems doesn't affect meter accuracy. With no moving parts, these meters aren't negatively affected by the wear that's caused by sand and grit, enabling life-long meter accuracy.

Successful adoption of standard C713 in addition to certification of the SmartMeter technology to the NSF 61 Drinking Water System Components standard by the NSF International required years of cooperative effort. Initial work on the AWWA standard began in 2000, since which time Severn Trent Services has been instrumental in supporting the technical discussions associated with the development of the standard.

The experience gained by the company in the design and supply of compliant water meters for a number of national markets aided in the successful certification by the NSF. To maintain the NSF standard, which applies to meters where edible fluids and drinking water are exposed, ongoing NSF audits will be required.

Dr. Neil Furmidge, Severn Trent Services technical director said, "This represents a significant technological progression in the life of the SmartMeter. Fluidic oscillation technology has many exciting prospects in numerous markets due to its inherent accuracy, especially in environments where grit and air have traditionally caused problems with wear and under-reading. We have fully supported the exceptional work by the American Water Works Association in the development and approval of the standard."

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