Phoenix IVS, ObjectVideo and MangoDSP join forces to launch intelligent video module

One of the first intelligent video modules on the market, the Phoenix IVM transforms traditional CCTV systems and introduces actionable video intelligence for utilities and other critical infrastructure...

MIAMI, FL, RESTON, VA & SAN JOSE, CA, Aug. 10, 2005 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Phoenix IVS, a division of Phoenix WorldWide Industries Inc., ObjectVideo Inc., the leader in intelligent video, and MangoDSP Inc., a leading provider of digital signal processor-based video processing platforms, today announced the launch of the Phoenix Intelligent Video Module™ (IVM), one of the first advanced video surveillance servers/DVRs on the market. The Phoenix IVM is based on an integrated hardware and software intelligent video platform available to OEMs and integrators through ObjectVideo and MangoDSP.

The Phoenix IVM utilizes ObjectVideo OnBoard™, an intelligent video analytics software solution optimized for operation on a digital signal processor (DSP), and MangoDSP's Raven video server. The platform allows for alert-driven control of threat detection and video streaming -- ideal for the Phoenix suite of wired and wireless communication solutions. ObjectVideo and MangoDSP are members of the Texas Instruments TMS320™ third-party program, the most extensive collection of global DSP development support in the industry.

The Phoenix IVM transforms a conventional CCTV system into a network-based intelligent video security system. It introduces a wide range of integrated capabilities such as video and audio recording, streaming, and actionable video intelligence. It can operate in conventional and unique environments to provide these capabilities in a low-power, compact design.

"The Raven boards from MangoDSP provide the ideal solution for a high-performance video platform for the IVM," said Dr. Shuler, President and CEO, Phoenix Worldwide Industries. "And by utilizing Raven's integration with ObjectVideo OnBoard technology, Phoenix is able to deliver unbeatable video intelligence capabilities for solutions ranging from asset, facility and perimeter protection to remote surveillance and intelligence gathering."

Based on a TI DM642 DSP, the Raven can perform multiple video surveillance tasks such as full resolution 702x480 video acquisition, 16 bit audio acquisition, MPEG4 or H.264 baseline video compression and JPEG compression for low bitrate networks. The DM642 DSP can also handle streaming video/audio over IP using a variety of network protocols, guiding PTFZ cameras via serial port, and controlling alarms and doors via dry contacts.

"The combination of ObjectVideo's analytics technology and the Raven video servers provides an advanced turnkey video solution for leading solution providers such as Phoenix IVS," said Joel Rotem, Director of Technical Sales, MangoDSP.

ObjectVideo's intelligent video surveillance algorithms, based on artificial intelligence called "computer vision," run all objects in a camera's view against threat-specific pre-programmed rules. When an object violates a rule, for example, an intruder enters a secure area, a small boat loiters next to a ship, or a bag is left unattended in an airport terminal, the software immediately alerts security personnel by phone, pager, email or an alert console.

"It's exciting to see Phoenix rapidly deploy the reference platform we created with Mango, as it proves how our offering is easily integrated and can accelerate product launch," said Bruce Thompson, Vice President of Corporate Development, ObjectVideo.

Phoenix IVS ( specializes in providing advanced, intelligent video security products. Its product line of network intelligent video modules and cameras enabled with onboard video analysis provide advanced surveillance and intelligence capabilities. Supported by their IVA software products, the company enables security personal with real-time intelligence to detect and deter threats present in any high-risk environment. It's a division of Phoenix Worldwide Industries Inc.

ObjectVideo ( provides intelligent video software for the protection of critical infrastructure and high-risk environments such as borders, airports, seaports, oil refineries, chemical and nuclear plants and water treatment facilities. Based on patented computer vision technology, its software is deployed in more than 150 locations in eight countries, including Iraq, where the U.S. Marines use it to protect soldiers in forward-operating bases. The company provides the security market with an advanced ability to detect, classify, track and analyze video data, allowing end users to proactively address threats, improve security planning and enhance overall effectiveness. ObjectVideo markets and sells its products through a Video Intelligent Partner (VIP) program of leading security companies on digital signal processor and server platforms.

MangoDSP ( is a leading manufacturer of high-performance multiprocessing hardware and software DSP solutions for the video & imaging market. The company focuses on working with OEMs and large system integrators, helping them create custom and private label solutions. The company's solutions are used in Video Surveillance, Defense, HDTV, Broadcast and Video Telecommunications systems. At the core of these solutions is a DSP based processing engine which provides industry leading performance, is programmable, compact and cost effective. Mango products are available in commercial and rugged form.

MangoDSP and ObjectVideo are members of the Texas Instruments TMS320™ third-party program, the most extensive collection of global DSP development support in the industry. With more than 600 independent companies and consultants, TI's customers have easy access to a broad range of application software, development hardware and software and consulting services. For more information on the TI third party program, please visit


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