Siemens Water Technologies signs strategic sourcing contract with Calpine Corp.

Two-year agreement with USFilter unit will reduce Calpine's water treatment costs...

WARRENDALE, Pa., August 11, 2005 -- Siemens Water Technologies announced Aug. 2 that its USFilter Corp. unit has signed a two-year agreement to supply mobile water treatment equipment and aftermarket products and services to Calpine Corporation. Under the agreement, USFilter will be the preferred supplier of water treatment equipment and services to Calpine's 90+ power plants in the U.S. and Canada.

USFilter will provide mobile demineralization and separations systems and aftermarket products such as ion exchange resin, reverse osmosis (RO) membranes, pre-filter cartridges and carbon. USFilter's extensive North American service branch network will perform services that include offsite membrane cleaning and sample testing.

"As part of our aggressive plan to strengthen our financial position, Calpine is in the process of implementing strategic sourcing agreements with key suppliers," said Doug Williamson, vice president of fleet maintenance. "Our agreement with USFilter will allow us to significantly reduce our overall water systems' costs."

The agreement is designed to reduce the life cycle cost associated with membrane and resin-based treatment systems. This is accomplished by extensively using performance-based specifications that will improve and ensure the quality of the resin. In addition, USFilter will review plant operations and look for ways to improve the process or provide a product that will increase the performance of the system. USFilter uses computer modeling to compare an existing system's operating costs to the theoretical operating costs, and determines the optimum replacement point for resin and membranes. Plant chemistry is thus improved, while chemical, waste treatment and disposal costs are reduced.

Said Pete Sesing, USFilter's vice president for mobile and onsite services, "We're pleased to be able to assist Calpine Corporation in their cost reduction efforts by taking care of their water treatment equipment and services needs, so they can focus their resources on their core business of producing power."

Based in Warrendale, Pa., with offices and installations around the world, USFilter is a $1.2 billion water company with 5,800 experienced professionals dedicated to delivering cost-effective, reliable water and wastewater treatment systems and services.


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