Whatman completes integration of Schleicher & Schuell product portfolio

Separations technology specialist outlines substantial expansion of offerings while affirming commitment to customers, innovation. Overall, the S&S acquisition has increased the Whatman product line by more than 60%...

FLORHAM PARK, NJ, Aug. 4, 2005 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Whatman Inc., a specialist in separations technology, has harmonized the Whatman and Schleicher & Schuell (S&S) product portfolios. After evaluating all of the products in both ranges, Whatman has created an integrated product line. On Aug. 1, the consolidated product list became available for customers. This action marks the final stage of an integration process that began with the December 2004 acquisition of S&S.

"For several decades the analytical community has depended on Whatman and S&S products to support their research efforts," said Helen Evans, Whatman Vice-President of Commercial Development. "The unification of these two companies has provided us with an ideal opportunity to evaluate and combine our product offerings, keeping the best from both ranges. Now that this process has been completed, we are able to offer a significantly expanded range of filtration products for a wide variety of industries."

Overall, the S&S acquisition has increased the Whatman product line by more than 60%, further solidifying the company's leadership position in the separations market. In addition, the acquisition promises to advance the development of new technology, such as FTA and Mini-UniPrep, that can simplify and expedite the research efforts of its customer base.

"Whatman is firmly committed to working with all our customers in order to help them achieve their goals," added Evans. "Whatman recognizes that procedural continuity is essential to the scientific process. Wherever we have removed a product from the range, we have worked with customers to offer a possible alternative or find an alternate way to accommodate the customer. We are confident that our evaluation efforts have produced a product range that will better serve the needs of all our customers."

Whatman (www.whatman.com) is a global leader in separations technology and is known in the scientific community for providing innovative life science products and solutions. With the acquisition of S&S, Whatman offers a more comprehensive product range to its customers worldwide and enters the proteomics market with S&S's core competency in protein chip technologies.


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