ShieldLiner wins major international technology award

ShieldLiner won an international award in Rotterdam at the 23rd International No Dig Convention, for its first commercial ShieldLiner rig and equipment...

ROTTERDAM, The Netherlands, Sept. 20, 2005 -- Listed Perth pipe-repair technology company ShieldLiner Ltd. has today in Rotterdam, at the 23rd International "No Dig" Convention, been awarded the 2005 new machine, tool, material, system or technique category of the international "No Dig" awards for its first commercial ShieldLiner rig and equipment.

It won the international award for its new ShieldLiner™ rig and equipment which completed its first commercial trial on Sept. 15 for the city of Stirling in Perth, Western Australia, with the relining of 70 meters of damaged, root-infected stormwater pipe.

In advising of the award, the International Society for Trenchless Technology (ISTT) noted that the ShieldLiner System "is a product that will address the immediate and every day needs for a tool to repair and rehabilitate aging pipelines, sewers, waterlines and potentially applications in the oil and gas industries. There is a lot of thought, technology and in depth quality built into the system to ensure adequate and safe repairs that last. The inventors of the ShieldLiner System should be proud of their work and its contribution to the trenchless industry".

ShieldLiner managing director John Hassen said international recognition of the significance of ShieldLiner was particularly pleasing and would assist in creating international market awareness of the technology.

"Part of the award includes international promotion of the technology to the industry, which will be welcome and beneficial," said Hassen. "I will also be presenting a paper on the ShieldLiner system to conference delegates in Rotterdam tomorrow, which will expose the technology to the best possible audience.

"The first commercial project for the city of Stirling was a major milestone as we move along the path to commercializing the technology which addresses a world-wide problem for local authorities and infrastructure owners that would prefer to repair underground pipes in situ, rather than incur the public dislocation, environmental impact and high cost of digging up and replacing damaged pipes," he said.

Hassen said the award provided tangible third party recognition of the hard work and commitment of the small but extremely dedicated and creative team of employees and consultants working on the ShieldLiner project, which was a very good example of Australian innovation and endeavor.

The International Society for Trenchless Technology was established in 1986 with the objectives of advancing the science and practice of trenchless technologies and to promote education, training, study and research in that science and practice.

The organization encourages the formation and affiliation of groups sharing its objectives world-wide and has more than 20 affiliated societies in five continents, with each being entitled to nominate a director to the international board.

Its aim is to promote the science and practice of trenchless technology for the public benefit and awards are made each year in order to recognize corporate and individual achievements as judged by their peers.

In 2005 awards were made in four categories:
• Academic research or training aid
• Trenchless project
• New machine, tool, material, system or technique
• Student or young professional paper

In deciding the award winners the judges were asked to consider:
• Does the entry advance trenchless technology worldwide?
• Does it contribute to protecting the environment and/or reduce social costs?
• Are the above benefits clear from the entry?
• Is the entry innovative, ingenious, elegant or novel?
• Is the entry commercially and economically practicable?
• Will the award make an impact with the media, decision-makers and the general public?
• Will the award impress ISTT members?
• Has the entry been well explained and presented?

The ShieldLiner System has the potential to create a new, cost effective alternative for asset owners in the multi-billion dollar global piping infrastructure industries, and could represent a major breakthrough, dramatically reducing repair and rehabilitation costs and lengthening the life of pipeline assets.

The system involves the insertion of a tool that travels along the pipe being rehabilitated, delivering and compacting resin to fill and repair cracks and holes whilst at the same time wetting out an inverting liner. It requires two access points to the pipe. The liner package is introduced behind the tool at one end and then inverted using an air pressure chamber. At the other end resin, catalyst, air and electronic monitoring wiring are delivered to the tool from a surface rig. The tool travels from the air pressure chamber access point towards the surface rig, driven by the inverting liner. The system is more economical than digging up pipes that potentially could be rehabilitated and addresses the growing problem of groundwater pollution and infiltration due to leaking and failing sewer pipes.

ShieldLiner Ltd. (, of Jandakot, Western Australia, is publicly traded company and owner and developer of several patent pending innovative new pipe relining technologies known as the ShieldLiner System with potential applications in the global piping infrastructure, oil, gas and mining industries.


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