Water Innovate spins out of Cranfield University

Water Innovate Ltd. was recently launched as a spin-off company from Cranfield University with a range of new innovative technologies for the international water industry. It's promoting a range of new products based on extensive research and development at Cranfield's School of Water Sciences...

KEIGHLEY, United Kingdom, June 13, 2005 -- In an exciting new development for the water industry, Water Innovate Limited has just completed its successful spin out from the internationally renowned School of Water Sciences at Cranfield University in the UK.

Technical Director, Professor Tom Stephenson, explains the vision behind the business: "Water Innovate will break new ground by providing, for the first time, an effective conduit for the transfer of new technologies out of the laboratory and into the water industry. It will bridge the innovation gap that has existed in the water sector for far too long."

However, turning innovative technology and vision into a real business required both financial investment and effective management. John Catling (former Managing Director of Thames Water's Products Division) joined Water Innovate as Executive Chairman after leading a consortium of investors to fund technical developments and bring them to the market as commercial products.

John Catling describes the process: "Investors were not only looking for leading edge technology with clear market potential, they also wanted a proven management team that knew the sector and had a successful track record. This is why Tom and I asked Dr Steve Callister to join as Water Innovate's Managing Director."

With fifteen years of business development experience with both water and wastewater process technology companies, Managing Director Dr Steve Callister is well qualified to drive forward the business. Water Innovate's six initial leading edge technologies include:

OdourSim® � a revolutionary odour modelling software package that dynamically predicts the generation and emission of odours from sewage treatment works allowing the generation of more accurate dispersion contour plots; N-Tox® � a new nitrification toxicity monitoring technique that provides an early warning of wastewater treatment plant failure several hours in advance of currently available technology; a novel high performance chemical additive for water and wastewater treatment; three advanced tertiary process technologies for wastewater treatment.

Dr Steve Callister explains Water Innovate's strategy: "Our initial focus is on commercialising the first three technologies and taking them to market either directly or through licensing deals. We will also be investing significant resources in further development of the remaining technologies, as well as in evaluating opportunities to acquire additional portfolios of water related technology to bring to market."

Water Innovate's funding has been provided by the National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts (NESTA), Oxford Technology 4 Venture Capital Trust, Cranfield Enterprises Limited, a group of private investors, and the Company's management.
Water Innovate Ltd (WIL) was formed in December 2003 and is focused on the commercial exploitation of six technologies for the water and wastewater industries developed by Cranfield University's School of Water Sciences (SWS). Further details on the SWS can be viewed at www.cranfield.ac.uk/sims/water/.

WIL is run by a management team comprising John Catling (Executive Chairman), Dr Steve Callister (Managing Director) and Professor Tom Stephenson (Technical Director). Other key staff include Dr Peter Gostelow (Product Manager, OdourSim®), supported by six academic staff at the SWS � Professor Simon Judd, Dr Simon Parsons, Dr Bruce Jefferson, Dr Phil Longhurst, Dr Paul Jeffrey and Dr Elise Cartmell. For further details on Water Innovate please visit www.waterinnovate.com.

NESTA is the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts, the organisation that invests in UK creativity and innovation. Set up by Act of Parliament in 1998, NESTA uses the interest on a National Lottery endowment to pioneer ways of supporting and promoting innovation and creativity across science, technology, the arts and learning. NESTA was created to invest at the highest point of risk, and offer individuals, groups and small businesses the time, space, money and support to push at the frontiers of knowledge and practice. For further details, including how to apply, head to www.nesta.org.uk.

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