EnviroClean Technologies launches industrial surface cleaning service in San Diego

Environmentally responsible service backed by San Diego venture capitalist Neil Senturia keeps contaminants from washing into storm drains...

SAN DIEGO, May 16, 2005 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- EnviroClean Technologies, an environmentally responsible industrial surface cleaning business, today announced a strategic investment from Blackbird Ventures, a venture capital firm managed by San Diego software entrepreneur and real estate developer Neil Senturia.

EnviroClean is commercializing a patented, closed loop cleaning process that eliminates virtually all run-off water, a problem in surface cleaning. Historically, surface cleaning companies have operated as mom-and-pop shops with power washing equipment and poor waste removal practices. The waste removed by such systems, including toxic substances such as grease and oil, is flushed illegally into storm drains. It goes untreated into our oceans and waterways and creates environmental problems. Strict controls and fines have been imposed for companies that do not comply with state laws. The California Supreme Court recently upheld the San Diego region's stringent regulations to curb urban run-off pollution.

According to Neil Senturia, CEO of Blackbird Ventures, "EnviroClean is the only solution on the market today that meets the current legal requirements for surface cleaning. This service will change the expectations of property owners and facilities managers, and meet the needs of municipalities who have been embarrassed by their own lack of adherence to environmental standards. Our service solves the industry's need to be environmentally compliant at a reasonable price."

William (Randy) Dick is the president and co-founder of the company. Dick is a member of the boards of directors of the San Diego Hotel-Motel Association and the San Diego Port Tenants Association. His background includes more than 25 years in the parking lot industry. He most recently served as operations manager for Ampco System Parking, a division of ABM Industries, where he was responsible for day-to-day operations management of all Ampco facilities in San Diego County. Prior to Ampco, he was vice president and general manager for Service Auto Parks.

"In my former role as an operations executive in the parking industry, I had intimate knowledge of the challenges facing property managers to enhance the aesthetics of public areas, maintain the safety of their facilities to minimize slip-and-fall accidents, and still meet environmental laws. I knew that we could meet all of these objectives and build a sustainable business in the process," said Dick. "It is exciting to launch a company that brings a new level of professionalism to an industry that up till now has been served only by small operations without advanced technology."

EnviroClean Technologies (www.enviroct.com) was founded to commercialize a breakthrough approach to industrial surface cleaning using patented technology that eliminates illegal run-off and meets environmental laws to prevent toxic pollution from entering storm drains. Its scientific technology completely eliminates water run-off with a recovery system that is totally closed-loop. The patented cleaning head continuously recycles and reuses the cleaning water, automatically separating out the waste products. The concentrated waste is contained, producing virtually zero discharge and exceeding the strictest environmental standards. The company offers large-scale cleaning and maintenance scheduling to overcome persistent problems.


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