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With Bentley’s SCADAConnect, engineers and water modelers can link WaterGEMSor WaterCAD with SCADA systems, creating real-time system simulators that boost confidence in hydraulic models.

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Water modeling

With Bentley’s SCADAConnect, engineers and water modelers can link WaterGEMSor WaterCAD with SCADA systems, creating real-time system simulators that boost confidence in hydraulic models. The system empowers users to integrate operational and engineering modeling work flows, experience tangible information systems ROI, make informed and accurate decisions with real-time modeling, create awareness of both information systems across their organizations, automate data entry workflows, troubleshoot past system problems, perform forensic performance analyses, and create continuously calibrated models.
Bentley Systems Inc.

AMI system

Developed to address the water industry’s growing demand for a complete, end-to-end utility-wide solution for water utilities and municipalities, evolution™AMI is designed to provide water utilities with a fully automated advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system. The system employs a unique combination of ultra-low power consumption and mesh network capabilities that delivers intelligent two-way communications, extended radio coverage, nonmandatoryline-of-site operation, and secure transmissions using frequency hopping spread spectrum.
Elster AMCO Water Inc.

AMI/AMR system

The Star® Network AMI/AMR system from Hexagram, a subsidiary of ESCOTechnologies Inc., offers next-generation metering intelligence to municipal and privately held water utilities. The company’s fixed communications network comprises a series of meter transmitters communicating to data collectors overprivate FCC-licensed channels. The collectors transfer data to the utility overa number of backhaul options including cellular signal, fiber optics, and Wi-Fi.Recent improvements to leak-detection capabilities support both water conservation and reduction of non-revenue water losses.
Hexagram Inc.

Water usages software

A new component of Aclara Software’s ENERGYprism® Home Energy Center application allows residential utility customers to understand their water usage. The program, part of a broad suite of meter data-management software from Aclara Software (formerly Nexus), prompts consumers to answer questions about how they plan to use water at their homes, such as when they willwater the garden or fill the swimming pool. The system then provides a reporton costs associated with potential usage, as well as money-saving recommendations. The Home Energy Center also collects and analyzes data on electricity and gas usage.
Aclara Software

Fixed network AMR

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Itron’s WaterFixed Network 2.5 offers systemwide leak measurement, both distribution leaks (with patented acoustic technology) and behind the meter leaks (with advanced algorithms) to effectively manage water loss. The system also provides a flexible network meter solution with two-way communications to the meter, increasing reading capabilities and improving customer service. High powered endpoints minimize the network infrastructure required, and extended battery life minimizes field service visits.
Itron Inc.

Notebook computers

Panasonic has introduced three new business-rugged notebook computers:the ultraportable W7, the table talternative T7, and the thin-and-lightY7. The Intel® Core™ 2 Duo-based notebooks offer an ideal combination of the latest computing power, extremely light weight (from 3.0 to3.7 lbs) and long battery life. Likeall Toughbook notebooks, the business-rugged 7 series notebooks are drop- and spill-resistant, have magnesium alloy cases and chassis, shock-mounted hard drives and LCDs, and internal flexible connectors for additional protection. In addition,the products offer a range of embedded wireless options for anytime, anywhere connectivity.
Panasonic Computer Solutions Co.

Sewer, water modeling

Mike Urban combines DHI’s 20 years of experience in water modeling with ESRI’s GIS technology, resulting in a complete urban water modeling and GIS system. The software allows users to consolidate all of their urban water modeling activities in one integrated system for wastewater collection systems, stormwater drainage systems, and water distribution systems. The system allows for stormwater and sanitary sewer modeling using SWMM5 or MOUSE; water distribution modeling using EPANET; features GIS functionality powered by ESRI’s ArcObjects™ components; and allows for network and catchment data storage and management using ESRI’s ArcGIS™ Geodatabase technology. It features customizable links to external data sources and asset management systems.
DHI Water & Environment

GIS software

ArcGIS is an integrated collection of software products for building a complete geographic information system (GIS). ArcGIS is used for the creation, management, integration, analysis, display, and dissemination of spatial data. The ArcGIS family of software products enables users to deploy GIS functionality and business logic wherever needed — in desktops, servers, custom applications, Web services, or mobile devices. The scalable framework of ArcGIS means that it is equally suited for a single desktop user or an organization that requires a collaborative environment for multiuser editing and updating. For developers, the common library of software components called ArcObjects, along with extensive documentation and sample codes, provides a consistent and comprehensive developer experience across desktop, server, and developer environments.

Data management tools

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The new Operator10® v8.15 water, wastewater and pretreatment data management software is easier to use and can be set up for single user, multi-user or client server for any plant or facility. The software is designed to standardize company data and streamline processes. The applications are network-ready using a SQL database. A new Sampling Event section tracks information that would appear on chain of custody and lab bench sheets, as well as location, sampler number, EPA method number, lab certification and analyst numbers. The report section has been redesigned, and will help shorten reporting time by providing federal and state-specific forms and operating reports for almost every state and agency. Add-on options include Audit Trail, an application that automatically and permanently records changes in data for historical reference, and an OPC/DDE interface that enables users to link to SCADA or other applications. Biosolids data management software is available as a wastewater add-on module.
AllMax Software Inc.

Utility consulting services

Alliance Data’s consultants help utilities define strategies and ensure that technology investments enable the utility to meet its business objectives. Consulting services include: strategic consulting; technology strategy formulation technology roadmaps; and program & project management. The company also provides implementation services for customer information systems, work management systems, mobile work force management systems and inspection and preventative maintenance systems.
Alliance Data

Meter shut-off valve

The Datamatic RSV™ enables utilities to shut off and reconnect water services without ever touching a wrench. Available as a handheld-operated, stand-alone system or integrated with the company’s MOSAIC AMR network, the meter valve can perform shutoffs/reconnections remotely. Since the valves have both disconnect and reconnect capabilities, they eliminate at least two field service calls each time they are used. Theft from inactive services can be virtually eliminated. In most cases, disconnection also expedites customer payment and simplifies collection.
Datamatic Ltd.

Asset tracking, management

Accela Asset Management™ tracks and manages assets and resources, providing an automated solution for costing, inventory, maintenance, and inspections. The Web based system is flexible enough to manage an agency’s entire set of assets — fleet, street, water, wastewater, plant and facilities, sewer, parks and recreation, and more. It can be used to track past work orders by history, parts, location, or any other criteria, which can be used to schedule preventative maintenance and keep assets performing at peak condition. Departments that currently use this solution include public works, facilities, parks and recreation, sanitary districts, transportation, and water utilities.
Accela Inc.

GIS services

Nobel Systems offers GIS services and expertise with water/wastewater data conversion, application development, and GIS hosting. The company can take old as-builts and atlas maps and produce high quality GIS data. It scans existing drawings and creates a system that allows users to get any as-built by simply clicking on the pipe on the screen. The company can integrate CMMS, billing or other data into the GIS. It also has the technology to bring live data, such as SCADA and vehicle locations, into the GIS. The company’s Geo Viewer Online Web-based GIS application features tools developed for the water and wastewater industries. Users of any skill level can make custom maps, perform searches and queries, and plan system outages with a few mouse clicks.
Nobel Systems

Business software

Wonderware, a business unit of Invensys, has unveiled a unified software platform called the Wonderware System Platform. The System Platform supports simplified and consistent operations across a wide range of operations and facilities by delivering a common set of application software services. The platform is designed to make it easier for information and automation personnel to normalize their integration and application generation issues to rapidly adjust to the ever-changing needs of their customers. Features include software and device connectivity services for easy communication to virtually any plant or business information source; information and data management services for management of real-time and historical information; information delivery and visualization services for functions that provide information to the right user at the right time, and in the form in which they expect it; and application development services that provide easy and intuitive development of modular software solutions that can be changed to meet future needs.

Modeling software

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Wallingford Software has released Version 8.0 of InfoWorks, a software solution for modeling, infrastructure planning and operational management in the water, wastewater and river management sectors. The launch offers users new functions, time-saving features, performance advances and enhanced presentation of information across the whole InfoWorks family: InfoWorks CS for wastewater management and sewerage provision; WS for water distribution and supply; and RS for river, channel and flood plain flows. Important new features include the use of area based demands, enabling demand to be defined by land use instead of only at properties. This allows users to specify values for networks that have no consumption data available. Also, runs can now be initialized using previously stored results. There is also a new feature to group objects into component sets and aggregate the results, such as cumulative flow through a group of pumping stations.
Wallingford Software

Pipe flushing software

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MWH Soft has introduced Info-Water UDF, a comprehensive ArcGIS -centric pipe cleaning and maintenance software system for water distribution systems. The software lets users generate detailed reports of flushing sequences showing which hydrants and valves should be manipulated for optimal cleaning while avoiding excessive pressure drops (e.g., below 20 psi) and high velocities (e.g., above 8 ft/sec) in the system. It also computes minimum flushing time, total flushing volume and pipe length and available flow at the minimum residual pressure. A detailed field journal (flush book) provides field personnel with the information they need to implement the optimal flush sequences for maximum cleaning at maximum cost savings.
MWH Soft

Mass notification solutions

3n is a provider of mass notification solutions to government agencies and municipalities. Organizations in more than 70 countries worldwide rely on 3n for daily operational and emergency notification needs. The 3n InstaCom ™ mass notification system enables one person to communicate with tens, hundreds, or thousands of people anywhere, anytime via phone, e-mail, instant messaging, text messaging, fax, BlackBerry®, PDA, pager, and more.
3n (National Notification Network)

AMR systems

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Master Meter is an AMR technology innovator and principal water meter manufacturer delivering technology-driven meter revenue solutions to the North American utility marketplace. Its ConnectionFree ™ wireless 3G® AMR technology is deployed across water, gas and electric utility platforms. Measurement solutions include CFD-technology-derived positive displacement, multi-jet, turbine and compound products that are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations.
Master Meter Inc.

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