MSR MIOX Purifier wins science innovation award

Mountain Safety Research's MSR® MIOX® Purifier has been selected for recognition in Popular Science Magazine's "Best of What's New".

Seattle, Wash., Nov. 12, 2003 -- Mountain Safety Research (MSR), a manufacturer of innovative gear for challenging environments, is proud to announce that its MSR® MIOX® Purifier has been selected the "Grand Award Winner for General Innovation" by the editors of Popular Science Magazine in the 16th Annual December 2003 "Best of What's New" issue on newsstands November 12.

Each year, Popular Science Magazine reviews hundreds of products and honors the world's most outstanding breakthroughs and technologies by selecting only 100 technical and scientific innovations as winners to include in 12 categories. The MSR MIOX Purifier has the distinction of being named the number one product in the General Innovation category.

"Winning the Grand Award for General Innovation is an honor and a testament to the innovation of the MSR development team," said Jeff Bowman, Vice President of Cascade Designs, parent company of MSR. "With the Purifier, the team has created an essential tool that can be used in a variety of water-challenged environments ranging from outdoor adventure and the military to natural disaster relief and homeland security."

In the December issue of Popular Science, the MSR MIOX Purifier is described as "an amazing 3.5 ounce Magic Marker-size tool that uses water, salt and batteries to purify drinking water. It's powerful enough to neutralize even the nastiest bacteria, pathogens, and chemicals: E. Coli, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, anthrax, plague, VX nerve gas and others."

The article goes on to state that the Purifier can "purify up to a gallon of water on a single dose, was field-tested by the military in Afghanistan, and is small enough to stash in your backpack for family camping trips or Third World travel."

Easy to Use

The MSR MIOX Purifier is a breakthrough in portable, pump-free water purification systems. Operation is simple. Remove the cap, add a few drops of water to the purifier, and shake to create a brine solution. Press the button on the outside of the device to convert the brine solution into a mixed-oxidant (MIOX) solution via electrolysis (adding electricity).

Pour this MIOX solution into the unpurified water and within 30 minutes* your water will be safe to drink. The purifier includes a purity indicator strip, which guarantees the water is purified after the appropriate waiting period. The compact lightweight design makes the purifier easy to pack and take along on journeys and delivers an ideal water treatment solution for those who need to "scoop and run" and do not want to wait at the water's edge pumping water through a filter.

More Effective

Portable mixed-oxidant technology delivers many advantages over other existing portable water purification methods. This reusable, cost-effective technology is safer than iodine and chlorine tablets and doesn't leave an unpleasant aftertaste.

Unlike portable ultraviolet light purification, mixed-oxidant technology allows the user to purify several gallons of water at a time, as opposed to just a 16-ounce glass, and also leaves a lasting residual to protect against recontamination in the drinking water. Mixed-oxidants are also more effective at purifying turbid water than ultraviolet light, providing the user a purification solution for any non-salt water source. The MSR MIOX Purifier meets strict EPA purifier standards.


Development of the MSR MIOX Purifier was a joint effort between MSR and the MIOX Corporation, an Albuquerque, New Mexico-based pioneer in mixed-oxidant water purification technology. Funding was provided from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

About Mountain Safety Research (MSR)

MSR, a division of Seattle, Washington based Cascade Designs Inc., has been providing essential gear for challenging environments for over 30 years. Our commitment to quality manufacturing and innovation ensures our customers are outfitted with the finest gear available for outdoor, military and homeland security use. MSR product lines include stoves, water filters and purifiers, tents, snowshoes, cookware, climbing gear, fuel and related accessories. For more information on MSR call 1-800-531-9531 or visit

* Dwell time is based on military requirements, which do not include inactivating Cryptosporidium. Unlike iodine, the MSR MIOX Purifier is effective against Cryptosporidium, but may require a wait time of several hours.

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