Akron, Ohio, to get advanced water meter technology

Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions (ACS) Service, Itron Inc. and Badger Meter, Inc. on Tuesday announced that they will provide the City of Akron, Ohio, with a comprehensive water meter upgrade solution.

SPOKANE, WA, Sept. 30, 2003 -- Honeywell Automation and Control Solutions (ACS) Service, Itron Inc. and Badger Meter, Inc. on Tuesday announced that they will provide the City of Akron, Ohio, with a comprehensive water meter upgrade solution. The installation will begin in October 2003 and is expected to be complete within two years.

Honeywell is the prime contractor for the project, which will install 78,000 residential Badger Meter water meters equipped with Itron wireless technology. The automatic meter reading (AMR) solution will increase measurement accuracy for Ohio's fifth-largest public water utility.

Honeywell's services for the project include project management, system integration and field implementation. In addition, Honeywell will launch a communications campaign that informs customers of the upgrade by letter and door hanger. This full-service approach ensures that the utility and its customers receive the greatest quality and value available.

Each of the new meters is equipped with Itron AMR modules. The Akron Utilities Department will use vehicles outfitted with Itron computers and radio frequency transceivers to collect meter data accurately and efficiently, simply by driving past the metered property.

The Badger Meter residential meters used in the project, which include a variety of sizes, will be equipped with Recordall® Transmitter Registers (RTR®s) that will interface with Itron technology to provide accurate measurement and seamless data transfer.

Rick Forsythe, Engineering Project Coordinator at the City of Akron, believes the versatility of the Honeywell solution with Badger and Itron technology will permit Akron to meet and exceed current and future operational challenges. "We are focused on utilizing the best AMR system available, so that we can provide our customers with the most accurate and efficient water service possible," said Forsythe. "This technology investment represents a major step in that direction."

Honeywell's Vice President and General Manager of Energy Services, Kent Anson, said: "We are excited about implementing a state-of-the-art automation solution for the City of Akron. The system will bring numerous benefits to the City such as virtually eliminating estimated billing, increasing usage data accuracy and reducing the need for City workers to access customers' homes."

John Hengesh, Itron's Vice President and General Manager of Water and Public Power, said the company is thrilled to be working with the City of Akron.

"The partnership between Honeywell, Badger and Itron is an example of how strategic alliances can work to the benefit of the utility," Hengesh said. "This system will enhance customer service and maximize productivity. Itron and its partners have proven system performance with hundreds of utilities around the world."

"Providing residential water meters and registration devices that interface with Itron's AMR technology is a major component of our connectivity strategy," said Richard A. Meeusen, President and Chief Executive Officer of Badger Meter. "Our goal is to offer our customers a choice of AMR technologies to meet their unique needs. We are pleased to be working with Honeywell and Itron on another important installation."

The City of Akron serves approximately 88,000 metered accounts that provide potable water to almost 300,000 people throughout Summit County.

Honeywell International is a diversified technology provider based in Morris Township, N.J. With 2002 revenues of $22 billion, the company serves customers worldwide with aerospace products and services; control technologies for buildings, homes and industry; automotive products; turbochargers; specialty chemicals; fibers; and electronic and advanced materials. For additional information, please visit www.honeywell.com. Honeywell ACS Service is part of Honeywell's Automation and Control Solutions group, a global provider of product and service solutions that improve efficiency and profitability, support regulatory compliance, and maintain safe, comfortable environments in homes, buildings and industry. For more information about Honeywell ACS Service, access http://www.acs.honeywell.com/. For additional information about Honeywell's automated meter-reading (AMR) solutions, contact Jessica Nichols at 781-231-7605 ext.7369.

Itron is a technology provider and critical source of knowledge to the global energy and water industries. More than 2,800 utilities worldwide rely on Itron technology to deliver the knowledge they require to optimize the delivery and use of energy and water. Itron delivers value to its clients by providing solutions for meter data collection, energy information management, demand side management and response, load forecasting, analysis and consulting services, transmission and distribution system design and optimization, web-based workforce automation, C&I customer care and residential energy management. To know more, start here: www.itron.com.

Badger Meter is a marketer and manufacturer of flow measurement and control technology, developed internally and with other companies, as well as the leader in providing digital connectivity to leading AMR technologies. Its products are used to measure and control the flow of liquids in a variety of applications.

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