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The Provincial and Interurban Drinking Water Company of Antwerp Province is utilizing Miner & Miner's ArcFM Solution for the maintenance and management of the company's water distribution network.

Fort Collins, CO, June 10, 2003 -- The Provincial and Interurban Drinking Water Company of Antwerp Province (PIDPA), located in Belgium, is utilizing Miner & Miner's (M&M) ArcFM Solution for the maintenance and management of the company's water distribution network and has been in full production for over a year.

In operation for more than 90 years, PIDPA distributes drinking water to more than 1 million people throughout the entire Antwerp Province. PIDPA selected the ESRI/M&M enterprise GIS solution in order to better manage its distribution system, which includes over 12,000 km of water mains, 62 water towers and 25 water production plants. The network serves over 430,000 retail and industrial customers in a service area covering more than 2,581 square kilometers.

The first utility to implement ArcGIS in the European water market, PIDPA helped pioneer the industry in integrated enterprise GIS and IT management technologies. PIDPA sought a GIS solution that would serve their needs both now and for the future - one that could be implemented off-the-shelf, but that would allow for future integration to different systems throughout the organization. PIDPA found the open system architecture and well-established industry standards of ArcGIS/ArcFM technology to be the best solution.

PIDPA's GIS solution includes ArcSDE and ArcFM, Viewer software, running on Microsoft SQL Server. Teaming with ESRI Netherlands, M&M provided data modeling and development support for PIDPA's initial GIS implementation and full project support for the final implementation of ArcGIS/ArcFM 8.

PIDPA's implementation included requirements to support accessing a central database through a 64Kb phone line, which was solved using Citrix MetaFrames technology. Functionality was also added to allow scanned raster images to be viewed as a background and enable users to add features in the database. Currently, users can work in the seamless hybrid vector and raster environment, with the raster data ultimately being replaced entirely by the vector data.

PIDPA has been in production with their enterprise GIS for more than a year with a high level of user acceptance. PIDPA's IT philosophy is to implement new releases of the software quickly in order to gain the maximum benefits of new functionality. Maintenance and management of PIDPA's distribution network is the primary function of the GIS; however, integration projects with SAP, network analysis software, SCADA, and its field information system are in progress.

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