Top water utility selects Haestad Methods' WaterGEMS™

Haestad Methods has announced that the South Australian Water Corp. has purchased multiple licenses of its geographic engineering modeling system software.

WATERBURY, Conn., April 4, 2003 -- Haestad Methods has announced that the South Australian Water Corporation (SA Water) has purchased multiple licenses of WaterGEMS, Haestad Methods' Geographic Engineering Modeling System software.

WaterGEMS replaces SA Water's existing modeling system, providing the leading Australian water utility with a complete GIS solution for modeling, managing, and protecting its drinking water infrastructure. WaterGEMS will be used by SA Water to help support its professional staff in maximizing productivity and providing the best possible services to its local, regional, and international clientele.

SA Water provides water and wastewater services to 1.4 million customers within Australia as well as a broad range of consulting services to clients overseas. With over 16 years experience in the development, enhancement, and use of spatial technology for water utility operations, SA Water maintains one of Australia's most superior geographical information networks.

"SA Water selected Haestad Methods' WaterGEMS' technology and services based on its seamless integration of water distribution modeling and GIS technology, ease-of-use, and superior ClientCare® support," said Douglas Maitland, Director of International Sales for Haestad Methods.

"Another distinguishing feature of WaterGEMS is that it enables engineers to quickly create customized functionality using our cutting-edge WaterObjects' technology. With the assistance of our programmers, this feature has already been exploited to quickly create a global composite demand editor tool specific to SA Water's needs."

As part of SA Water's ongoing initiative to deliver improved water quality statewide, WaterGEMS will ultimately be used to model projects spanning more than 32,000 kilometers of water mains. In doing so, WaterGEMS will be used as a key decision-making and planning tool in SA Water's water utility operations, water resources management, and irrigation services operations.

Utilizing the power of next-generation Microsoft .NET technology, WaterGEMS database design reshapes the way in which users can access, view, and manipulate data. Some of WaterGEMS' most notable modeling tools include:

* ModelForge™ for model creation and conversion
* Skelebrator™ model reduction tool for the automated skeletonization of hydraulic models
* LoadBuilder™ for automatic demand allocation
* TRex™ for a terrain extraction utility
* WaterObjects™ for enabling users to write programs to access and manipulate data stored in a GEMS database
* GeoGrapher™ for advanced graphing capabilities
* Darwin™ Calibrator for obtaining accurate calibration for water distribution network simulation.

About South Australian Water Corporation (SA Water):

SA Water is a dynamic corporation, which owns, manages, and operates South Australia's water supply and wastewater treatment systems. This company has an annual turnover of around $550 million (AUD) a year, assets of more than $6 billion (AUD), and employs 1,200 people. SA Water is wholly owned by the Government of the State of South Australia. For more information, visit

About Haestad Methods:

Haestad Methods has been in the business of enabling engineers with technology for 25 years and is internationally recognized as a water resources software company. Haestad Methods provides more than 125,000 civil engineers in over 170 countries with hydrologic and hydraulic modeling software, services, continuing education workshops, and publications.

For more information, call Haestad Methods at 1-800-727-6555 (USA or Canada) or 203-755-1666 (worldwide), e-mail, or visit,, or

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