Northern Colorado water agency maximizes GIS investment with Hummingbird Enterprise™ for ESRI

The Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District has successfully deployed Hummingbird Enterprise™ for ESRI, an integrated solution with ESRI's ArcIMS™ software.

TORONTO, May 19, 2003 -- Hummingbird Ltd., a developer of enterprise information management solutions (EIMS), has announced that the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District (NCWCD), a public agency that provides water for agricultural, municipal, domestic and industrial uses in northeastern Colorado, has successfully deployed Hummingbird Enterprise™ for ESRI, an integrated solution with ESRI's ArcIMS™ software.

The new Hummingbird solution links records and documents to the agency's geographical information system (GIS) allowing employees to link, access and manage geographic data records from a web-based mapping interface, improving service to residents.

The District staff, including Engineers, Right of Way specialists, Records Management, Operations and Maintenance crews and office support, produces and manages a large number of electronic documents, such as legal contracts, financial records, engineering documents and correspondence.

With Hummingbird Enterprise for ESRI, employees can locate records and documents in the document management system concerning a specific facility, for example, engineering documents for a canal project or a right of way agreement for a parcel of land, and then display corresponding maps by clicking on a web-based geographic feature. Documents can be referenced to projects through text-based searches as well as GIS searches.

"Prior to deploying Hummingbird Enterprise for ESRI, the geographic data associated with information in the GIS was manually stored in filing systems. Employees as well as residents and other members of the public found it difficult, if not impossible, to access records that corresponded with information in the GIS," said Tom Friar, head director, electrical & electronic services, NCWCD. "We needed document management software that included imaging, optical character recognition, records management, security and version control, and would integrate with our existing ArcIMS software, our web-based GIS."

NCWCD selected Colorado-based system integration companies, 5280 Solutions and Farragut Systems, Inc., to integrate the new solution, connecting the Hummingbird document management technologies with ESRI's ArcIMS. 5280 Solutions led the system integration effort by implementing the Hummingbird technologies and an enhanced document capture functionality along with providing the training and ongoing support of the delivered solution. Farragut developed the integration software, the core component of the Hummingbird Enterprise for ESRI solution, which ties NCWCD's document management software with their GIS.

"Hummingbird Enterprise for ESRI has simplified how NCWCD manages, publishes and shares information, improving the quality of service they deliver to their residents," said Andrew Pery, chief marketing officer and senior vice president, Hummingbird Ltd. "With Hummingbird Enterprise for ESRI, Hummingbird has delivered a powerful integrated solution with ESRI's ArcIMS software that has increased operating efficiencies and provided bottom-line benefits."

Created in 1937, NCWCD was established to build and operate the Colorado- Big Thompson Project (CBT). Water is transported through a seven-county service area comprising 1.5 million acres in Boulder, Larimer, Weld, Broomfield, Morgan, Logan, Washington and Sedgwick counties. Today, the NCWCD is responsible for developing, conserving and managing water resources in a variety of water projects across northeastern Colorado.

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