Joint venture opens FL bioset facility for sludge, biosolids reuse

Schwing Bioset and Biosolids Distribution Services opened a FL regional bioset facility to turn outside biosolids into a Class AA/EQ material.

FT. MEADE, FL, Sept. 3, 2013 -- Schwing Bioset and Biosolids Distribution Services (BDS) recently opened a regional bioset facility in Ft. Meade, Fla., to accept outside biosolids and turn them into a Class AA/EQ material that has a wider array of beneficial reuse applications. The two companies started the plant in response to Florida’s revised wastewater residuals regulations (F.A.C. 62-640) that affect and limit the disposal options for municipalities producing biosolids.

The BDS regional Class AA/EQ bioset facility accepts three primary types of material: cake sludge, septage and liquid sludge, and treats these materials using the patented Bioset process (liquid sludge and septage are dewatered before treated), which produces material that meets the highest quality standards set by the EPA, Class AA/EQ. Class AA/EQ material is exceptional quality and can be used as a fertilizer supplement or soil amendment.

"Up till now, municipalities really only had one option when it came to biosolids. In the most basic terms, our regional Class AA/EQ bioset facility allows wastewater treatment facilities to pay for biosolids processing without any capital outlay," stated Dan Anderson, general manager of Biosolids Distribution Services.

"With significant advantages over other fertilizer products, the Class AA/EQ material created by the patented Bioset process is safe to be used as a fertilizer the next day," stated Anderson.

Florida's revised regulations create challenges for any wastewater treatment facility whose biosolids do not meet Class A standards. Schwing Bioset and BDS offer these facilities with an alternative that is convenient and affordable and produces a sustainable end product for better reuse.

About Schwing Bioset

For more than 25 years, Schwing Bioset has been helping wastewater treatment plants, mines and power generation customers by engineering material handling solutions. Schwing Bioset's custom engineered solutions can be found in hundreds of wastewater treatment plants in North America as well as mines and tunnels around the world.

About Biosolids Distribution Services (BDS)

BDS is a complete biosolids solution. From dewatering, to transportation, to marketing and beneficial reuse programs, BDS takes responsibility for biosolids at any stage in the process. Maintaining compliance and minimizing costs are tasks that BDS has repeated over and over.


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