Omni Water receives permit to operate water recycling units in Texas shale plays

Omni Water Solutions has received a permit to operate commercial water recycling units in all the shale plays across the state of Texas.

Jan. 8, 2013 -- Omni Water Solutions has received a permit from the Railroad Commission (RRC) of Texas to operate commercial water recycling units in all the shale plays across the state.

As part of the permit, the company can deploy its mobile water treatment units and provide services to the Permian and Eagle Ford shales for large independent operators.

Omni Water Solutions research and design director Billy Roberts said, "We received this permit after demonstrating to the Texas Railroad Commission our unique ability to effectively recycle a variety of flowback and produced waters from across the state, as well as our capacity to continuously monitor and control our output water quality."

The company will offer its OctoZone technology equipped HIPPO platform for fracking operations. The real-time sense-and-respond automation system will allow oil and gas operators to treat and reuse produced water to lower costs and offer consistent results. Once water is treated through HIPPO platform, it can still be reused in subsequent wells instead of disposing of it.

The Hippo platform also self-analyses water source and configures the treatment required to deliver reliable water by eliminating contaminants. In addition, the auto-response system protects the performance membrane components. Octozone technology allows Omni platforms to perform optimally but uses less energy.

Other benefits of the technology include automatic contaminant response, at-a-glance monitoring, easy-to-use graphical user interface, and reliable water treatment without a master operator on-site. The technology can also monitor contaminant levels and provide audit trail of output water quality.


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