Hach giving away real-time sludge control system at WEFTEC 2013

At WEFTEC 2013, Hach is searching for one U.S. wastewater plant to give a complete Real-Time Control Sludge Thickening System.

LOVELAND, CO -- At WEFTEC 2013 in Chicago, Ill., Hach Company is searching for one U.S. wastewater facility to partner with and give a complete Real-Time Control Sludge Thickening System (RTC-ST). The system will include all parts and services and has an estimated value of more than $36,000. Applicants should visit the Hach Booth, #1425, during WEFTEC and speak with a representative to learn how to qualify.

Hach's off-the-shelf RTC Systems brings energy and cost savings under control. The systems for sludge thickening and sludge dewatering control sludge feed flow rates and polymer dosing rates at various points in the sludge treatment process. By monitoring in real-time and automating the treatment process, operators will avoid overdosing polymer, ensure sludge thickness is optimal for the digester and/or disposal, improve gas production in the anaerobic digester, and reduce equipment maintenance caused by inconsistent sludge.

Hach will work closely with the facility to install and monitor the system and provide feedback and training. Hach experts will visit the site and work with the facility to demonstrate the Sludge Thickening RTC system is effectively improving the operation of the sludge thickening system. As the flagship facility, the site will be featured in application notes, webinars and white papers produced and published by Hach and the site will be viewed as the industry standard for facilities who install the system.

Hach representatives will be ready and available at booth #1425 to talk with potential applicants throughout WEFTEC. The facility will need to meet basic qualifications for installing the RTC sludge system, be willing to work with Hach and be featured in application and educational materials. The selected applicant will be announced after WEFTEC on October 14th and the system may be installed as early as November 1st.


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