Major WI wastewater treatment plant requests $4.5M in upgrades

The village of Elmood, Wis., has requested a $4.5 million upgrade to a major WWTP from the Department of Natural Resources.

July 12, 2013 -- A municipal wastewater treatment plant in the village of Elmood, Wis., in Pierce County is more than 30 years old and needs to be upgraded to replace outdated and deteriorated equipment, provide additional reserve capacity for future growth and address new requirements for phosphorus reduction. Further, the village has requested approval from the Department of Natural Resources to initiate a $4.5 million upgrade to the facility.

Plans call for construction of a new building at the existing site to enclose a new influent wastewater screening unit and influent wastewater and sludge pumping equipment. A new sequencing batch reactor (SBR) treatment system in which treatment and settling occur in a single, double-tank configuration will be installed along with a new chemical-feed phosphorus reduction system. The existing chlorine disinfection system for effluent will be converted to a new process using ultraviolet light. A new outfall sewer will deliver treated effluent to the Eau Galle River.

The overall project will include construction of a new control building for the operations laboratory, utilities, new phosphorus chemical-feed tanks and new aeration blower units. Several existing tanks will be modified and reused for aerobic sludge digestion and storage, and a new stand-by emergency power generator will be installed along with various improvements to the existing monitoring system to enhance the overall treatment capabilities and reliability of the proposed upgraded treatment facility.

The village will be required to comply with new water quality phosphorus standards. The requirements associated with the new phosphorus standards will be addressed as part of the compliance schedule update in the village's next discharge permit re-issuance.

The estimated construction cost for the proposed project is $4,460,000 with an annual operation and maintenance costs of $58,540. The village will seek financial assistance through the U.S.D.A. Rural Development program and Clean Water Fund programs. Depending on the final funding formula, the estimated user charge for the average residential customer is expected to increase from the current rate of $38 per month to approximately $40 - $75 per month.

A preliminary environmental assessment has been conducted for the proposed project, and DNR has determined that completion of an environmental impact statement will not be required. While this type of action normally does not involve significant adverse environmental effects, the DNR is soliciting public comments regarding potential impacts associated with the proposed project. The DNR will receive comments on the proposal through July 26.


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