New online assessment tool helps water & sanitation companies reduce turnover and find the right employees

Employers in the Water & Sanitation industry can do a better job finding and keeping the right employee by assessing prospective employees online using a new online personality assessment service.

Atlanta, GA, March 8, 2001— With tougher economic times raising the stake for keeping Water & Sanitation employees, turnover is especially painful in the Water & Sanitation industry because of labor shortages and high training costs.

According to a recent study, 25% of American workers are expected to change jobs in the next 12 months and 83% of American workers feel like they are " mis-employed." The departure of key people can stall a company's growth and hiring people who "fit" the job has become one of the industry's biggest challenges.

Employers in the Water & Sanitation industry can do a better job finding and keeping the right employee by assessing prospective employees online in a simple 15 minute interview prior to their first face-to-face interview with a new online personality assessment service announced today by Fitability Systems. This new online assessment and interviewing system, Fitability for Employers, offers Water & Sanitation organizations powerful "job matching" and selection tools with no "up front" fees, no software licenses to buy, and no training required.

Water & Sanitation companies can outsource a fast, reliable online assessment system at that streamlines the hiring for all kinds of jobs including administrative, labor, management and professional positions.

"We remove many of the hiring and retention roadblocks companies face today among a tight labor market with recent mergers, acquisitions, and downsizing in the Water & Sanitation industry, " said James R. Campbell, chairman and CEO. "Companies seeking new employees can simply have them log onto the Internet and start doing '21st century H.R.' over the Web today."

Finding candidates and retaining employees that "fit well" is a big issue among businesses today who are faced with a tight labor market as well as slower economic growth. According to a recent national workplace survey conducted by public opinion research firm Zogby International and commissioned by, 78 percent of the nation's workers admit they would leave their job if a better offer came along. Only 20 percent of women and 25 percent of men claim that money is the key to commitment, the survey said. "Better-fit" employees are more likely to perform well and stay longer, reducing the risk of bad placements and the associated costs.

With the easy and fast delivery of resumes over the Internet, Water & Sanitation companies are deluged with unqualified resumes. "The same type of technology that delivers the resumes can now assess candidates as well," said Campbell.

Based on the most widely researched and supported model of personality in the world - the "Big Five"- Fitability allows Water & Sanitation organizations to evaluate individuals faster while lowering recruiting and training costs. It assists by assisting in predicting a candidate's job performance and satisfaction - factors that lead to greater productivity and lower turnover. Companies can benchmark candidates or employees online in less than 20 minutes each. A hiring manager can learn as much about an applicant or employee in 5-8 minutes as it would to observe the individual's behavior over 5-8 weeks.

Based on five years of research and 130,000 participants, Fitability for Employers incorporates a library of more than 750 personality profiles and job descriptions. These profiles provide employers with quick access to skill requirements, experience necessary, training, education and more - allowing Water & Sanitation companies to compare their human capital to their selected job profiles and gain insights into their strengths and challenges. A r�m�income history and notes section for each candidate allows companies to track thousands of candidates. It also includes face-to-face interview guides and job-specific interview questions to make the final interview process easy and consistent for all candidates/employees.

About Fitability Systems

Fitability Systems is a leading provider of online interviewing and personality assessment services that provides employers, recruiters and job seekers with tools to identify the "best-fit" between a person and a job. Prior to interviewing a candidate, Fitability's fast, reliable online assessment system helps employers and recruiters engage, evaluate, track and place "best-fit" candidates and also helps managers evaluate their current employees, providing valuable development and career insights. More than 500 hiring managers in several industries are now using Fitability. For more information, call (770) 730-5950 or visit

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