Aqua-Pure reports positive test results from its new ElectroflocPLUS

Aqua-Pure Venture Inc. reported successful preliminary results from independent third party testing of its new non-biological secondary wastewater treatment technology.

KELOWNA, BRITISH COLUMBIA, May 17, 2001 — Preliminary results, from independent third party testing of Aqua-Pure Venture Inc.'s (Aqua-Pure) patented non-biological ElectroflocPLUS process technology for secondary treatment of municipal wastewater indicate positive performance towards meeting regulatory requirements.

Aqua-Pure will continue the testing program, with Earth Tech Canada Inc. providing independent verification of the results. Aqua-Pure is encouraged by the results of the verification testing and anticipate completion of the testing and review of the results by June of this year. Aqua-Pure has also identified further opportunities to optimize the process, both in terms of capital and operating cost, and will continue with additional testing once the independent testing is complete.

The Aqua-Pure ElectroflocPLUS process is a physical/chemical process which offers unique features and differences in the way it performs and operates, versus the traditional biological processes currently used by most municipalities and industry stakeholders.

"Our ultimate goal is to demonstrate the exceptional benefits of this process with its small footprint and unique effluent characteristics. As part of the process, Aqua-Pure must also educate all stakeholders interested in our technology of its unique features and differences, while at the same time being compared to industry standards and regulations that have been written based on how biological processes perform. We offer a non-biological process and therefore we are on the cusp of a "non-biological paradigm" to that extent," says Cliff Alexander of Aqua-Pure Ventures.

It is anticipated that successful verification testing and finalization of life-cycle costs will lead to securing a contract to construct a full-scale system to meet the Town of Ladysmith's secondary treatment discharge requirements.

Aqua-Pure Ventures Inc. is a provider of industrial and municipal wastewater services and technology solutions that ensure environmental sustainability through utilization of patented and proprietary technologies. Aqua-Pure's shares are listed on the Canadian Ventures Exchange, symbol AQE.

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