Hansen Information Technologies to sponsor government forum

Hansen Information Technologies is co-sponsoring the Innovative Government Forum, a two-day industry conference on the use of technology at the state and local government level.

SACRAMENTO, Calif., Feb. 23, 2001 — Hansen Information Technologies announced today its co-sponsorship of the Innovative Government Forum, a two-day industry conference showcasing innovative implementations of technology exclusively at the state and local government level held in association with The Center for Digital Government.

The Forum will be held on August 27th & 28th, 2001 at the Silver Legacy Resort in Reno, Nevada, immediately prior to Hansen's 15th Annual International Information Conference being held at the same location. The Innovative Government Forum highlights state and local governments who have successfully implemented technology solutions to help them operate more efficiently.

The Forum is also designed to educate government agencies about new technologies and trends that will impact their own information technology planning and strategies. The Forum will include keynote presentations from forward-thinking leaders in the government industry, breakout sessions, and a vendor faire.

The breakout sessions are split into separate conference tracks highlighted below.

* eCitizen Relationship Management- will cover the technology and solutions that have increased the level of citizen service, including local government call centers to kiosks.

* Enterprise Management- will cover the critical success factors required to integrate high volume data stores, including financial, customer service, GIS, utility billing, asset management, licensing, GASB 34 and the overall integration of technology, as governments move away from departmental systems, to enterprise solutions.

* Internet & e-Government- will cover the successful implementation of e-Government applications and the information technology issues surrounding these implementations.

* Wireless Solutions- will feature field-to-office projects that streamline the reporting of citizen and business-initiated work activities performed by field personnel.

* Technology Trends- will cover the latest in system architectures, operating systems, security, and programming tools that are being used to build the next generation of public sector software solutions.

"We have seen a lot of change in the public sector over the last 12 months with a renewed focus on building sustainable and repeatable solutions that satisfy the demands of citizens and businesses. We believe governments are ready to hear some success stories like the ones being presented at the Innovative Government Forum," said Hansen President and CEO, Chuck Hansen.

"Holding our own annual conference around the Innovative Government Forum will provide our customers with the opportunity to take in both events and see an enhanced list of speakers and sessions. This is also a great opportunity for some of Hansen's customers to showcase their own innovative uses of technology."

In cooperation with the Innovative Government Forum, Hansen will be holding its 15th Annual International Information Conference (AIIC) attracting attendees from Hansen's growing list of state and local government customers, business associates, and leading industry analysts.

Last year's AIIC event attracted over 400 attendees and included vendors and business partners from Compaq, Microsoft, Unisys, AT&T Wireless, ESRI, Deloitte Consulting, Intergraph, Oracle, and others. This year's AIIC event is expected to attract 500 attendees, with over 1,000 expected to attend the Innovative Government Forum.

About The Center for Digital Government
The Center for Digital Government is a national research and advisory institute providing government and industry leaders with decision support, research and education services to help them effectively incorporate new technologies in the 21st century.

A business division of e.Republic, Inc., the parent company of Government Technology magazine and Government Technology Conferences (GTC), the Center offers a series of unique programs covering the critical policy, executive leadership and technology applications surrounding electronic government.

Its programs include Digital Government Navigator, Digital Education Navigator, Custom Research and Reports, the Digital State Survey, Digital Cities Survey and Best of the Web contest.

Additional information can be found on the Internet at www.centerdigitalgov.com.

About Hansen Information Technologies
Hansen Information Technologies is a leading software development company focused exclusively on Citizen-to-Government (C2G) and Business-to-Government (B2G) transactions. Hansen's range of enterprise eCitizen Relationship Management (eCRM) solutions include Call Center, Building Permit, Business Licensing, Code Enforcement, Public Works, Work Management, Tax Administration, Transportation and Utility Billing applications.

Resulting from its Windows DNA development design, state and local government clients can implement one or more object sets utilizing a single integrated data model. The combination of Hansen's public sector business process models, implementation methodologies and technical expertise enables Hansen to deliver tangible economic benefits to state and local governments.

For more information, please go to the company's web site at www.hansen.com or call 800-821-9316.

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