The HyBlend HM series liquid polymer activation technology from EnPro Technologies is a hybrid, combining the reliability of non-mechanical blending with the control ...

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Polymer activation

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The HyBlend HM series liquid polymer activation technology from EnPro Technologies is a hybrid, combining the reliability of non-mechanical blending with the control and versatility of mechanical blending. The technology addresses the shortcomings of non-mechanical blending by eliminating the reliance on water pressure, the ability to control mixing intensity, and the ability to effectively activate polymer at very low flow rates. The technology delivers the reliability of non-mechanical blending while preventing polymer damage due to excessive mixing energy. The system's unique capabilities are ideal for the full range of polymer applications found in water, wastewater and industrial process. These applications include clarifiers, filters, sludge thickeners, sludge dewatering and sludge drying.
EnPro Technologies Ltd.
Lee's Summit, MO
Tel: 816-795-6333

Digital controller

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Hach Company has introduced the new sc100 Controller and its growing family of compatible digital sensors. The standardized controller accepts multiple probes, so operators see minimized components and simpler installation, setup, training, and maintenance. The controller accepts any two sensors - in mix-or-match arrangement - from the selection of Hach digital sensors now available, including those for pH, ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity.
Hach Co.
Loveland, CO
Tel: 800-227-4224

Vibration transmitters

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Metrix Instrument Co. has introduced three new loop-powered compact Vibration Transmitters. Model ST6911 is 4-20 mA proportional to acceleration, the ST6917 is proportional to velocity, and the ST6923 is proportional to displacement. Like other Metrix products, the ST6900 Series transmitters interface directly with PLC, DCS, and 4-20 mA input monitors. The transmitters are hermetically sealed to withstand harsh environments protecting motors, blowers, pumps, engines, mixers, generators and compressors.
Metrix Instrument Co.
Houston, TX
Tel: 713-461-2131

Optical DO sensor

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In-Situ has announced the release of its new and integrated RuggedDO (RDO) sensor for the Multi Parameter Troll 9000 (MP Troll 9000) water quality probe. The new sensor uses recent advances in lifetime-based optical fluorescence sensor technology to provide a stable, precise and low maintenance dissolved oxygen sensor. The sensor eliminates problems associated with traditional DO sensors by eliminating the need for membranes, eliminating the need for stirring and allowing deployment for many months without need for recalibration.
In-Situ, Inc.
Laramie, WY
Tel: 800-446-7488


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WesTech's ultrafiltration systems featuring the Polymem UF120S2 hollow fiber membrane modules provide consistently high finished water quality to meet the strict process treatment needs of boiler feedwater applications. Using the ultrafilter ahead of RO and deionization equipment permits higher design flux and less frequent cleaning & regeneration. The Polymem hollow fiber incorporates the use of chemical resistant hydrophilic polysulfone, in an outside–in flow configuration. Pore size is customized to meet the process requirements and varies between 0.008 to 0.20 microns. The fibers are arranged into a patented configuration of 19 bundles potted only on one end.
WesTech Engineering, Inc.
Salt Lake City, UT
Tel: 801-265-1000


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USFilter has introduced a new name for its horizontal decanter centrifuge used for dewatering or thickening sludge. Formerly called J-Spin, the centrifuge's new name, Centramax™, was chosen to better reflect the operating performance of these machines that result in maximum cake solids and capture efficiency. The centrifuge features sintered tungsten carbide tiles to reduce wear and an efficient back drive system that reduces energy consumption and provides maximum control.
USFilter Dewatering Systems
Holland, MI
Tel: 616-772-9011

EDI systems

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Ionics offers Electrodeionization (EDI) technology, which provides high capacity boiler feed water, making it an ideal solution for power applications. EDI is a continuous process for producing high-purity water using ion-exchange membranes, resins and electricity. Direct current (DC) is the driving force for removing ionized and ionizable species from the feed stream, while continuously regenerating the resin pack. EDI, in combination with reverse osmosis as pretreatment, strips away more than 99.9% of feedwater ions, significantly outperforming both double-pass RO and straight deionization.
Ionics, Inc.
Watertown, MA
Tel: 617-926-2500

Conductivity sensors

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Sensorex is now offering a line of stainless steel conductivity sensors ideally suited for boiler blowdown and other high temperature conductivity applications. Two models with 3/4'' threaded bodies provide the user a choice of insertion depths for in-line mounting. Model CS675HTTC has a 1'' insertion depth suited for mounting the sensor in a 3/4'' tee. Model CS676HTTC offers a 3'' insertion depth and is suited for mounting the sensor in a 1'' steel cross. All models can also be supplied with optional automatic temperature compensation. Cell constants available include 1.0 and 1.5. Wetted materials include two stainless steel 316 pins (inner pin and body serves as second pin) and a PEEK insulator.
Sensorex, Inc.
Garden Grove, CA
Tel: 714-895-4344

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