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Submerged membrane system with batch reactor process1603iwwps2 P01

The Aqua-Aerobic® MBR membrane bioreactor system is a unique, time-managed process that uses sequential aeration to promote biological nutrient removal in a simplified unit process. The integration of submerged membranes provides direct filtration of high-level mixed liquor suspended solids (MLSS). This unit process places the Aqua-Aerobic MBR system in a unique class of high-quality, membrane-coupled biological reactors. Advantages of the system include equalization, nitrification and denitrification within a single reactor while minimizing power costs through reduced energy needed for mixing, pumping and aeration. The system is ideal for applications requiring water reuse quality effluent.

Aqua Aerobic Systems Inc.

Chemical dosing calculator1603iwwps2 P02

Advisor™Ci offers a revolutionary way of calculating chemical dosing and exceeds industry standards related to scale prediction. This software calculates temperature correction factors and saturation potential of a feedwater based on the free concentration of ions, or complex ion formation, overcoming a critical weakness in contemporary indices that consider the total analytical value, which typically includes ions that are bonded. Water treatment system designers, OEMs, and end users can forecast precise chemical dosing and use rates for all of their membrane system chemical needs that achieve maximum recovery from even the most stressed applications.

Avista Technologies

Membrane bioreactor system1603iwwps2 P04

The TITAN MBR™ packaged membrane bioreactor system economically delivers the highest quality effluent for up to 3 MGD (131 LPS) per tank, allowing for water reuse. Fully submerged in the aeration zone, Smith & Loveless flat-plate membranes maintain high permeability and flux rates, experience less wear and tear than hollow-fiber types and can simply be cleaned in place.

Smith & Loveless Inc.

Reverse osmosis system1603iwwps2 P05 Wet Gro Es Series

The GRO/ES series reverse osmosis system from Water Equipment Technologies, a Xylem brand, provides high quality water for both industrial and commercial applications. The system provides dependable, high-priority water purification and is optimal for water supplies with low fouling potential such as chemical blending or metal finishing. Its simplicity, dependable operation, high-quality components and low cost make this series a smart choice for various applications. Standard features include a corrosion-resistant frame, thin film composite membranes and either rotary vane or multistage stainless steel centrifugal pumps.

Water Equipment Technologies, a Xylem brand

Tubular membrane filtersGrey Group V2

Duraflow tubular membranes can be operated as a stand-alone system for stringent effluent compliance or in tandem with RO for water recycle/ZLD applications. The Duraflow tubular filter features a high-flux (500-1,000 GFD), 0.1 micron PVDF membrane with high TSS tolerance and chemical resistance. The flow capacity of existing systems can be upgraded easily by direct membrane filter replacement, resulting in less cost, energy and floor space.


Reverse osmosis elements1603iwwps2 P03

LANXESS has introduced novel reverse osmosis elements from its Lewabrane product line that display improved performance. Both the Lewabrane B400 LE ASD and Lewabrane B400 FR ASD provide for optimized flow in the RO element and thus lower energy consumption. They are optimized for applications in brackish water, have standard geometries (length: 40 inches; diameter: 8 inches) and are characterized by very low energy consumption and high fouling resistance. The feed spacers incorporated in the membrane elements are multifunctional, creating space between the membrane surfaces for fast-flowing water, supporting the membrane in the process and causing turbulent water flow.


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