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Lantec HD Q-PAC® media for use in biotrickling filters is made from polypropylene that is highly resistant to both dilute and concentrated mineral acids.

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Trickling filter media

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Lantec HD Q-PAC® media for use in biotrickling filters is made from polypropylene that is highly resistant to both dilute and concentrated mineral acids. It is stable and unchanging over long periods of time and should not require replacement in most applications. The media provides an extremely low pressure drop. Because of its self cleaning feature, the media does not have to be cleaned under normal operating conditions. When loaded with biofilm, the media can develop effective specific surface areas of up to 300 ft2/ft3.
Lantec Products
Agoura Hills, CA
Tel: 818-707-2285

Portable trash pumps

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Godwin's Dri-Prime CD300M model 12" portable trash pump handles flows to 6,000 gpm, heads to 200 feet, and solids to 3.75" in diameter. It is designed for use in large volume dewatering jobs with high heads. Like all the company's Dri-Prime pumps, the CD300M primes and re-primes automatically from dry to 28 feet of suction lift. Two unique features of the pump include direct coupling to the engine flywheel, which enhances compactness and increases reliability, and a double, high pressure oil bath mechanical seal designed with solid silicon carbide faces that allows the pump to run dry during intermittent flow without damage.
Godwin Pumps of America, Inc.
Bridgeport, NJ
Tel: 856-467-3636

Boiler water treatment

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Ondeo Nalco's NexGuard system combines boiler internal treatment chemistry with new Trasar® Technology plus state-of-the-art diagnostic, monitoring, feed, and control equipment. The program provides a simple method to analyze water anywhere in the boiler system. The NexGuard chemistry is easy to handle and feed for improved safety. The system communicates information concerning treatment levels, cycles of concentration, and amount of blowdown to help optimize boiler systems
Ondeo Nalco Co.
Naperville, IL
Tel: 630-305-1000

Doppler flow meter

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American Sigma, a Hach Co. brand, has released the new 8300 Permanent Closed-pipe Doppler Flow Meter. The meter provides an economical alternative to the more expensive flow monitoring options while also providing an accurate flow reading, especially at lower flow rates. It uses Rapid Response Slope Detection Technology with advanced algorithms and statistical analysis to detect sudden changes in flow rate. When flow significantly changes, the instrument drops the previous values from the averaging, uses current data to calculate flow, and outputs a response representative of the true flow rate in the pipe at any given time. The non-intrusive meters also feature grease free transducer pads. The pads are simply clamped to the outside of the pipe without the need for messy contact pad grease.
Hach Co.
Loveland, CO
Tel: 800-635-4567

Drive harmonic reduction

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Saftronics, a provider of variable-speed drives and starters for electric motors, is now offering the HR1018 Harmonic Reduction Technology package, an 18-pulse AC drive that reduces the total harmonic distortion common to standard 6-pulse drives. By reducing harmonic distortion, the unit minimizes harmonics interference that can impair sensitive electronic equipment such as sensors, meters, computers and communications devices common to water/wastewater treatment facilities as well as minimizing heating in motors, transformers and wiring. At the same time, it improves power factor to help companies avoid utility penalties based on power factor, current distortion and peak demand charges. The HR1018 is designed to meet IEEE 519-1992 requirements at the drive terminals - without the cost and complexities of external filters or other equipment typically required to reduce harmonics.
Saftronics Inc.
Fort Myers, FL
Tel: 239-693-7200

Ozone/oxygen system

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The SGC21 ozone production system from Pacific Ozone offers one-button control. Producing 16g/hr ozone, the unit is an air-cooled ozone system that combines an onboard oxygen concentrator, air compressor and high concentration ozone generator all in a compact and wall mountable stainless steel cabinet. The ceramic/titanium reactor cell uses the company's Floating Plate Technology™ and is powered by a high frequency pulse-modulated variable control power supply.
Pacific Ozone Technology
Benicia, CA
Tel: 707-747-9600

Magnetic drive pumps

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Goulds Pumps has developed a new ANSI magnetic drive process pump. Designated the Model 3296 Ezmag™, the pump eliminates the risks of leakage normally associated with conventionally sealed pumps. The pump features Safeglide™ silicon carbide bearings for dry run protection. Another feature is its seamless, deep-drawn Hastelloy containment shell with integral anti-vortex vane. The pumps can handle flows up to 750 gpm and heads to 520 feet at 3500 rpm. Operating temperatures range from -140 to 535 degrees F.
Goulds Pumps
Seneca Falls, NY
Tel: 800-734-7867


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Uponor ETI offers the Easy-Liner™ slipliner with a new and improved joint. The liner is made from Ultra-Corr™, which offers the user a pipe that has a seamless uniform cross-sectional wall, radial corrugations that are perpendicular to the axis of the pipe, and a smooth interior for excellent flow characteristics. The liners offer a constant OD and ID and a gasket system is provided to assure zero leakage. Joints can be restrained, and up to five degrees of articulation are possible. The liners can withstand up to 20,000 lbs. of pushing force.
Uponor ETI Co.
Denver, CO
Tel: 303-893-1101

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