Technology lauded for turning wastewater, CO2 into valuable chemicals

New Sky Energy has scooped Imagine H2O's Wastewater Prize for its technology that converts industrial and agricultural wastewater and CO2 into high-value chemical products...

BOULDER, CO, Mar. 29, 2012 -- New Sky Energy has scooped Imagine H2O's Wastewater Prize for its technology that converts industrial and agricultural wastewater and CO2 into high-value chemical products, including carbonates (e.g., soda ash, limestone), bases (e.g., caustic soda), and important industrial gases and acids, such as hydrogen and sulfuric acid.

"New Sky Energy is part of an emerging wave of new businesses that turn wastewater into an economic opportunity with ecological benefits," said Scott Bryan, COO of Imagine H2O. "As the winner of our Early Revenue Track, New Sky demonstrated an intriguing technology with commercial promise."

New Sky Energy works with some of the largest and the most innovative energy, manufacturing and water treatment companies in the world to profitably reduce wastewater and CO2 emissions. The technology can be deployed at new plants or integrated into existing industrial and wastewater treatment facilities to produce highly valuable chemicals where they are needed -- eliminating expensive shipping and handling of chemicals. New Sky chemicals are less expensive than most conventional chemicals they replace, and allow customers to gain control over their supply chains, while cleaning up their industrial wastes and CO2 emissions.

"It is a great honor to win the Imagine H2O Wastewater Prize and to receive this level of recognition from such a prestigious group of water industry experts," said Deane Little, New Sky's CEO and founder. "New Sky technology makes clean technology profitable by converting wastewater and CO2 into highly valuable chemicals, and the judges recognized the importance of our breakthrough work. The cash and services awarded by Imagine H2O will help New Sky accelerate its product development and transfer its technology into the hands of industrial and water treatment customers."

About Imagine H2O
Imagine H2O inspires and empowers people to solve water challenges and turn them into opportunities. We offer annual prize competitions for water innovation, including the 2009 Water Efficiency Prize, 2010 Water-Energy Nexus Prize and 2011 Wastewater Prize. In addition to cash prizes for the best ideas, Imagine H2O fosters an accelerator program to help competing entrepreneurs turn their plans into game-changing, real-world solutions. To learn more about Imagine H2O's global ecosystem for water innovation and connect with water innovators from around the world, please visit .

About New Sky Energy
Based in Boulder, Colo., New Sky Energy makes clean technology profitable. New Sky is pioneering the use of CO2-negative manufacturing technology to produce highly valuable chemical resources from industrial wastewater. Its processes couple electrochemical and chemical technologies in a proprietary cycle that enables bottom-line cost savings through the onsite production of needed chemicals that are derived out of the wastes on-hand, including CO2 from flue gas and salts from industrial wastewater. New Sky's process is simple, sustainable chemistry, protected by nine U.S. and international patent applications. New Sky recently was awarded the Imagine H2O Prize and was the Rocky Mountain Region winner of the 2009 Cleantech Open award. To learn more about how New Sky's clean chemistries will revolutionize 21st Century manufacturing and water treatment, please visit .


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